Why Do Horses Need Hooves Trimmed? Definitive Guide with Tips

All horses definitely need to be given at most care. However, having an unbalanced hoof may affect the movement of horses. Not only that, the internal workings of horses, like- ligaments and tendons will get affected too.

Why Do Horses Need Hooves Trimmed?

For instance, if you avoid the regular hoof care of your horse then your horse may need to use the clown shoes with high heels. But we don’t want that right? For this reason we have to know why do horses need hooves trimmed.

Another disadvantage of not taking care of a hoof, is getting an improper condition of body parts. Indeed, the clown shoes will not allow your horse’s body to remain healthy by affecting the hooves. Well, the concept may seem a bit difficult right now.

Especially those who are new about the trimming of horse’s hooves, will definitely find it hard. If you are one of them then this article is just for you. Here, you will get all those suggestions when you have to trim your horse’s hooves, when you have to take care of them, etc.

Now let us go through the concept straight.

What Are The 2 Types of Horses

When Should You Trim Your Horse's Feet

It doesn’t matter if your horse is shod or unshod, you must take care of it every time. Domestic horses are sometimes unable to wear shoes in times of unfavorable weather. The case is not the same when it comes to the wild horses.

They maintain their hooves by running several kilometers on multiple surfaces. Many of us will think that this will damage the hooves. But it is not like that; in fact moving on abrasive surfaces trims the horses hooves more precisely, i.e. on a continual basis.

Nonetheless, the unshod horses do not move that much in order to trim the hooves. On the other hand, the hooves of shod horses do not require any trims at all.

And moreover, the horseshoes in a shod horse protects them from wearing. Now let us see how these two types of horses needs to be trimmed.

1. Shod Horses

If your horse is a shod horse then you must reshod it after 4 weeks, and maximum 6 weeks. And of course it should not matter if your horse is wearing shoes or not.

It is obvious that the hooves will grow continuously. And when the horse is shod it would be difficult for the horse to wear down. So, you better consult a farrier for not letting your horse go very long.

When a horse works intermittently, you should not shod it every day. You will see there are lots of horses that are well with front shoes, whereas some horses do not require shoes at all.

Even the unshod horses can do a lot of hard work. Rather than keeping a horse shod, many farriers now prefer hoof boots. These hoof boots are usually put on while working and the horses are kept bare at their rest time.

But if you want to change your horse from shod to unshod then you must definitely do several researches. Those who want to make their horse barefoot must take care of the horse’s hooves.

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2. Unshod Horses

No doubt that the unshod horses require regular trimming. There are some horses that usually work on soft surfaces like stable bedding and pasture. If your horse is like that then you will be ensured that it won’t wear down its hooves.

In that case, you will not have to give regular trimming to your horse; duration of 3 to 4 weeks will be outstanding. On the other hand, the horses that work on abrasive surfaces will not need that much of frequent trimming.

However, if you give a regular light trimming by using a nipper, that can correct the shape of your horses hooves.

Differs In Trimming Horse Hooves

Well all horses do not require the same type of trimming. If you see, wild horses do not require hooves trimming, whereas domestic horses require frequent trimming.

The reason why the wild horses do not need trimming is because they walk almost all day long. As a result, there are people who wear down constantly. In contrast, the domestic horses remain confined by the owners.

Thus, they rarely go out and work on rough surfaces.

When Should You Trim Your Horse’s Feet?

The time of trimming a horse’s feet is not the same every time. For instance, the time of streaming in summer and winter are different. Don’t worry, the difference is not that much complex.

Let us see when we are to trim the horse’s hooves depending on the season.

When Should You Trim Your Horse's Feet


During the summer season, remember to trim the horses hooves every 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Anyways, the shod horses will definitely need regular trimming.


Generally, the horses’ hooves grow slowly during the winter season. At that time, trim the hooves every 6 weeks to 12 weeks. Alongside, the hoof interval in this season may be a bit different. Because the hoof growth is completely based on seasons.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Trim Your Horses Hooves?

For treating the foot distortion problems, hoof streaming is a very important task. On the flip side, poor hooves can lead to severe injuries. Also, it can cause abscess, sole bruises, fungal infections and so on.

Again, untrimmed horses or the poorly trimmed horses may get to see hoof detects, cheating, flaring etc. Thus, it is very important that we should trim our horses’ hooves properly.


From the above concept it has been quite cleared that trimming the hooves is very important for the horse owners. Other than that, questions like why do horses need hooves trimmed, will not arise.

Yet, there are some particular time when you are to follow the process. For instance, shod horses require trimming at a different time whereas the unshod horses require trimming at another time. And same goes for the duration in the middle.

For now, what you need to do is determine whether your horse is shod or unshod. Afterwards, you can easily know when you are to trim your horse’s hooves.

Hopefully, you have gained a fine idea about this concept. Let us know how your experience was through the comment section.

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