What Size Dressage Saddle Do I Need for My Horse

In general, saddles work like a connection between the riders and horses. But if the saddle is improperly fitted that would spoil the whole smoothness of ride and make it uncomfortable.

Most importantly, you have to know what size of dressage saddle do you need for your horse. Because, the size of a saddle matters on the depth of the seat when it comes to the convenience of a ride.

What Size Dressage Saddle Do I Need

Along with the size, we have to know how to measure the saddle according to our knees, thighs, and so on. Furthermore, you have to know the suitable size of the saddle for adults, kids, average adults, etc. 

This is not all, there are more processes you will know from this article. Let’s have a look.

Importance of Saddle Fit

Not only the safety of the person and his house matters the saddle fit, but also there are few reasons for it.

Well, the comfort of your saddle will definitely give an impact on the effectiveness of riding and ability to move.

Indeed, the riders go for a properly-fitted saddle in times of demanding a high-performance ride. No doubt, that you will be getting a better performance if the size of your saddle is optimal.

Different Parts of Dressage Saddle

There are two essential parts that we must measure in a dressage saddle. They are- the gullet and the seat.

  • Seat: We know, a seat is the topmost part of a saddle. Besides, it is designed for the comfortability of riders. In this part the rider will get the perfect to sit on a saddle.
  • Gullet: You will see a gullet under the seat which is usually designed for horses. It is important to take the size of horses for fitting the gullet. Thus, you can ensure the comfortability of your fitting. Also, it allows a proper movement whenever you need a nice performance from your horse. Consequently, it will maintain the riding discipline as well.

How to Measure A Dressage Saddle?

Most of us can’t figure out the right way to measure a dressage saddle. But let me tell you that you can find the right measurement of your saddle in a click.

You just need the size of your knee from the thigh. Again, you need to take the measurement starting from your buttock. However, going through some peak points will help us more to measure a dressage saddle perfectly.

Let’s see what they are:

  • First thing first, you will have to sit on a chair. Sit in such a way that your knees come at 45 degrees where your feet will remain in a flat position. Also, you need to make sure that your buttock is touching the chair’s back or not.
  • Take a measuring tape and use it to measure the tape with your thigh. Again, measure from your knee’s back starting from the buttock.

Size Chart for English Saddle:

After you are done with taking the measurements of your saddle, do not forget to compare them with the below size chart.

MeasurementSaddle Size
< 16.5 inch15 saddle
16.5 to 18.5 inch16 saddle
18.5 to 20 inch16.5 saddle
20 to 21.5 inch17 saddle
21.5 to 23 inch17.5 saddle
23+ inch18 saddle

The width of your saddle should be approximately your hand’s size. And this size will be the same in both your seat’s front and back when it comes to a dressage saddle.

Well, it is recommended to use a size of the difference between two to four fingers. It would be better to go up with a saddle size when you are in between the sizes.

If the saddle is slightly big, it will be suitable and comfortable to sit on. Moreover, adjusting the fit incrementally won’t be hard by using the saddle pad.

Saddle Size With General Fit

This chart is quite different from the above chart. Here, you will get to see somes sizes of saddles with a general view. Thus, it would be easier to plan the correct size for adults and children.

Now let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the table straight.

StageSaddle Size
Child or Small Adult14 – 16.5 inch saddle
Average Adult17 inch saddle
Large Adult17.5 – 18 inch saddle
Extra-Large Adult18+ inch saddle

You need to take this table as a guideline in order to determine the right size according to your personal preference and measurements. Again, you have to see which size tends to be the best for you.

As a result, you will get a nice ability to move as per your requirements. In order to validate your measurements, the above chart can be a useful alternative for you.

Sometimes it may happen that there appears to be a huge difference between this chart and your saddle size. In that case, you should measure your saddle size again.

How to Measure The Gullet of A Dressage Saddle

Whenever you select a dressage saddle, make sure its gullet size is properly fitted. Thus, your horse’s comfortability will not remain at stake.

However, determining the size of your saddle is not hard either if you look down at your horse’s back from the right position. Those who have an average sized horse; they must go with a medium gullet.

Measuring the horses’ withers is our last option when we can’t find the right size of our horses’ gullets. This process is also valid when you are unsure about the right size.

Nevertheless, you just need to use a flexible and firm wire and keep it on your horse’s wither. Try to place it at a distance of two inches from your horse’s shoulder blade.

Then bend it in such a way that it lays over your horse’s wither which is against your horse’s skin. After you are done with the above process, take a wire and lay it over a piece of paper.

If you want you can take more pieces of paper. Afterwards, you will have to trace them along inside that wire, and remember not to bend the shape that you have formed.

Because of this method, you will get the perfect measurement of your horse’s gullet and wither.

Size Chart of Gullet

Size of gulletInches
Medium or average6.5 inch
Narrow6 inch
Wide7 inch
Extra wide8 inch

How to Test The Fit of A Dressage Saddle?

Before using a dressage saddle, you have to check whether it is the correct fit for you or not. To do soz you have to place your saddle on a thin towel or a sheet rather than putting it on a saddle pad.

Final Thoughts

When a dressage saddle is properly fitted it ensures a comfortable ride with proper effectiveness. As a result, both the horse and rider will find enough suitability while riding.

I hope the guide, what size of dressage saddle do l need will help you to find out short or long girths according to depending on the billet length.In times of starting with the measurement, you must check the fit if it suits your personal preference or not.

This is all. Hope you find the best dressage saddle for your horse.

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