How to Trim Horse Hooves With Nippers? Definitive Guide

To trim horse hooves isn’t a hassle for you only but for all horse keepers, is it? Whatever it is a job to do for every horse owner. Overgrowing hooves make the life of horses misery and keep the possibility of being injured anytime.

How to Trim Horse Hooves With Nippers

Anyway, hiring a furrier for trimming is also difficult and may not be affordable. On the other hand, trimming hooves with a nipper isn’t a rocket science. So, if you’re interested to get a guideline on how to trim horse hooves with nippers, then you’re most welcome.

You should know that horses hooves need to be trimmed regularly to maintain healthy feet. It’s better to trim the hooves within 4 to 6 weeks on a regular basis. Anyway, this guide will show you the easiest way to trim your horse hooves with a simple  nipper.

Guidance on How to Trim Horse Hooves With Nippers?

Guidance on How to Trim Horse Hooves With Nippers

At first, it’s important to find out the right equipment and techniques to avoid injuring the horse. Like every biginners, set your mind that yes; you’re going to do this for your loving equines.

Besides mental preparation, you need some tools like- gloves, a nipper, a hoof knife, rasp, a cradle (though it’s optional for geeting more comfort), and furrier chaps (it’s also optional).

  • Gloves: Already you know that it’s messy task to do. Additionally, you may be suffer in little injuries as you have to use nipper and kinfe. These are sharpening tools. So, gloves’ll give you protection.
  • Nipper: Nippers are one of the most important tools for trimming horse hooves. They come in various sizes and shapes, but the most important thing to consider when choosing a pair of nippers is the size of the horse’s hooves. The nippers should be able to fit snugly around the hoof without being too loose or too tight.
  • Hoof knife: Hoof knives are also important tool for trimming horse hooves. It is a sharp, curved blade that is used to remove excess hoof material. Usually, it helps you to pluck out something easily if smoething is stuck on hooves.
  • Cradle: The cradle is used to hold the horse’s hoof in place while it is being trimmed. Beginners may find out it difficult to hold the horse’s leg. Furthermore, somepeople can’t keep the balance of the leg while trimming. If you also think it tough or alone to trim, cradles can help you.
  • Furrier chaps: Furrier chaps is a kind of apron which is made of leather. It also has pocket to hold tools and the leather pattern helps to firm the leg between your legs strickly. Besides, furrier chap make you safe from hooves dirty. Anyway, you have to pick the perfect size for comfort.

Soften The Hooves

As you’re a biginner, to trim dry hoove may be difficult. It is risky to trim dry hooves because they can crack and break. There are a few ways to soften the hooves before trimming. One way is to soak the hooves in warm water for about 20 minutes. This will help to soften the hooves and make them easier to trim.

Another way to soften the hooves is to use a hoof rasp or hoof file to file down the hooves. This will help to remove any dead or dry hoof material and make the hooves softer and easier to trim.

Additionally, many products are found to soften the hooves instantly. Some products are recommended to mix with water or some to apply directly. You can also try these. However, better option is soaking the hooves in water upto twenty minutes at least.

Clean The Hooves

Clean The Hooves

Horses’ hooves are usually exposed to a variety of contaminants, including clay and straw. The dirt sticks to the hooves in such a way that it cannot be distinguished from the hooves. Therefore, they prevent you from making accurate measurements or estimates in turn.

But when it comes to trimming the hooves, it is absolutely necessary to understand the exact size of the hooves. If you do not understand the correct measurements, there is a possibility of more or less pruning which is not a feature of standard hoof trimming.

Frist of all, rub with any  soft bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris. This will make the dirt that was lightly absorbed. Furthermore, if you notice that there is still some dirt that sticks tightly to the hooves, use a hooves knife to remove them.

Hold the hooves between your knees or put them on the cradle to clean the dirt. This will make your cleaning much easier. Gently prune the dirt with a knife. Be a little more careful with a knife, especially when cleaning dirt in the frog area. Because the cells here are hard to touch. Chances of getting hurt is more while cleaning the area.

Find A Comfortable Jone to Hold The Horse Leg

Comfortable Jone to Hold The Horse Leg

When trimming a horse’s hooves, it is important to find a comfortable position to hold the leg in. Some comfortable and typical way for trimming are:

Low And Close to The Midline:

In this position the leg should be folded in the middle. The position of the leg will be at a 90 degree angle and place it between your two knees. Then keep the legs as close to the midline of the horse as possible. Remember to keep less distance between the horse and the foot as low as possible. Stand at a distance that is comfortable for both the horse and yourself.

Putting The Hoof on The Hoof Cradle:

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to hold a horse’s leg while you work on their hooves, the hoof cradle is a great option. This piece of equipment is designed to fit snugly around the horse’s leg, providing support and stability while you work.

It’s also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your horse. Plus, the hoof cradle is padded for extra comfort and to help prevent the horse from moving around too much.

The “Cross Trim”:

The cross trim is a way of horses’ hoove trimming that is said to be more comfortable for the horse. In this method, the horse’s leg is held in a crossed position, and the hoof is trimmed accordingly. This is said to be more comfortable for the horse because it prevents the horse from having to hold its leg in an awkward position.

Train Your Horse to Rest Toe on The Ground

One of the most important things you can do for your horse’s hooves trimming is to train them to stand with their toes on the ground. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by teaching your horse to stand still on command. This is an important foundation for all other training and will make it easier to work on this specific behavior.
  • Once your horse is standing still, place your hand on their hoof and gently apply pressure until their toe rests on the ground.
  • Reward your horse with a treat or verbal praise when they do as you ask.
  • Repeat this process until your horse is consistently resting their toe on the ground when you ask them to.
  • You can then begin asking your horse to do this on cue, without having to physically place their hoof on the ground.
  • Finally, practice having your horse stand with their toes on the ground for extended periods of time.

This will also strengthen the muscles and tendons in their feet and promote better hoof health overall.

Using A Block of Wood

To trim hooves using a block or stone is a great way for sore horses. In this process, you have to take a block of wood and place it under the hoof you will be trimming. This will raise the hoof up so you can work on it more easily.

Cut Off The Overgrown Hoof Wall

When trimming horse hooves, it is important to start with the outside of the hoof and work your way in. With a sharp nipper, start by trimming away any excess hoof growth around the edges of the hoof. Remember to trim the excess from the sides of the hoof.

Never trim the back side of the hoove because it can make your horse even lame. Always hold nippers at a 45-degree angle and make short, rapid strokes while using them. Be careful not to cut too deeply into the hoof, as this can cause pain and damage to the horse.

Make Flat The Hoof Wall

After you have trimmed your horse’s hooves, use a rasp to even out the bottom and sides of the hoof wall. This will help to prevent any further damage and keep your horse’s hooves plane and healthy.


After reading this guide on how to trim horse hooves with nippers, you should be able to do so with ease. Always remember to use the correct tools and techniques, and to clean and soften the hooves before trimming.

Thereafter, take time to trim such as take one day to trim a hoof first. With a little practice, you will be able to trim your horse’s hooves like a pro!

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