How to Tie Mecate Reins to The Bosal [Definitive Guide]

The bosal is a type of noseband used on horses for riding and training. The mecate rein is a type of rope that is used in conjunction with the bosal. Together, these two pieces of equipment provide an effective bitless bridle for your horse. If you’re new to riding or need a refresher on how to tie mecate reins to the bosal, we’ve got you covered! Read on for our comprehensive guide.

Step 1: Start by looping the mecate around your left hand twice. This will create two loops in the rope. Make sure that the doubled-up portion is at least four inches long – this will become part of the knot. You’ll also want to ensure that any excess length is beneath your left hand so it doesn’t get in the way during tying.

Step 2: Now, take one end of the rope and wrap it around your left hand twice before bringing it back up through both loops created by Step 1. Pull tight so that there are now three loops around your left hand. Make sure that all three loops are equal in size and not too large or small – this will help keep them secure once they’re tied off.

Update Step 3: Take the end of the rope that was originally wrapped around your left hand and thread it through all three loops again before bringing it back up through one last time and pulling tight, creating a secure knot with four distinct parts (three loops plus one end). At this point, you should have a neat knot with no excess slack or pieces hanging out! 

Step 4: Now comes attaching the knot to the bosal itself. Take one side of your newly-created knot and place it over top of one loop from where you connected your bosal’s hanger strap to its base (this is usually found near where each side starts). Then, take the other side of your knot and wrap it underneath both sides of this same loop before threading it under its own part from Step 3 – this should be easy due to its doubled-up nature! Finally, make sure everything looks neat before giving another tug on both ends for good measure so you know everything’s secured properly. And just like that, you’ve successfully tied mecate reins to a bosal!


Tying mecate reins to a bosal may seem intimidating at first but can be done relatively quickly after some practice! As long as you follow our steps carefully and double-check each stage along the way, you’ll find yourself with strong, secure knots every time – allowing you to ride safely while looking stylish too! With proper use, care and maintenance, these knots can last years without having to be replaced – so why not give them a try today? Good luck!

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