How Often Should I Pick My Horses Hooves? Answered

Hooves are one of the most delicate parts in horses. So it is obvious that any horse owner should take care of the hooves. Again, picking them out is one of the most mandatory tasks.

Whereas, many people do not know how often should I pick my horses hooves. If you are one of them then this article is going to be a perfect guide for you.

How Often Should I Pick My Horses Hooves

If you see, there is a specific duration when you have to pick out your horses’ hooves. Furthermore, taking care of them is a primary task that every horse owner should do.

Not only that, you must know in which period of time you are to do the maintenance tasks. After going through the whole concept you will be able to pick out the hooves at a perfect time.

And of course the time is not going to be same in each period. It may seem a little complex right now, but if you get affiliated with the steps, taking care of the hooves will be a cakewalk for you. Let’s have a look below now.

Ways of Taking Care of Hooves

Ways of Taking Care of Hooves

All in all you will get to know when you should pick your horses’ hooves if you get to know the steps of caring them.

Keep The Bedding Dry And Clean

A dirty bed can attract the bacteria to join which leads to some bad conditions, like- thrush. Thrush is commonly caused due to the Fusobacterium necrophorum. This bacterial infection is usually involved in anaerobic that create some black and foul discharge.

For this reason, we must execute a serious treatment that is moving your horse into clean bedding. Also, apply some topical solutions on those areas where your vet recommends.

Pick Out The Hooves Once In A Day

Picking out the hooves of your horse will let you inspect the hoof structures. And remember to inspect the frog as well and see if there are any cuts, damages or conditions like thrush.

Do not forget to examine the sole for stones wedge and puncture wounds. Moreover, inspect the walls to see if there is any excessive wear or growth or not. To check the white line to ensure that it is not involved with trapped grit.

If your horse has been out on a damp muddy surface, pick its feet out. And further, you will need to check if the wet mud is remaining on the downward feet or not. Again, you have to decide if the much should remain in place or leave the frog and sole.

Nevertheless, pick out your horse’s feet so that it can allow oxygen to penetrate downwards the hoof. As a result, it will reduce the risk that usually occurs due to the thrush developing.

Check The Shoe’s Conditions

It is important to assess the wear of shoes 2 to 3 times in a week so that you can know if they are properly fitted or not. Either you have to do the re-shoeing process soon or reduce the load of walking on abrasive surfaces.

Therefore, your horse’s shoes will hardly become loose and move from the feet.

Check Your Horse’s Digital Pulse

Checking the horse’s digital pulse is another important way for assessing your horse’s hooves. When you know what is normal for your horse, it will be easy to say your failure if there is any abnormality in the hooves.

Another way to find the digital pulse is to check the outside of the fetlock joint. Just apply a gentle pressure with your forefinger and thumb.

Go With A Registered Farrier

In order to undertake the trimming, you must go with a registered farrier. Otherwise there is a huge chance to get contaminated hooves in your horses.

When Should You Trim Your Horses feet?

When should you trim your horses feet

Well, when you should trim your horse’s feet depends on the weather and climate. Similarly, the duration depends in that way. Without beating around the bush anymore, let see what are the time span that require trimming a horse’s feet.


During the summer, you must trim your horse’s feet every 6 weeks. You can also lengthy the process to 8 weeks. Anyways, there are some horses that require frequent trimming as well. So keep in mind if your horse is one of them or not.


Generally horses’ hooves grow little slower in the cold season. In that case, you may need to trim your horses’ hooves after every 6 to 12 weeks. Besides, the time period may also vary in this season as the hooves growth is based on the seasons.

How to Keep The Hooves Balanced

Horses that have balanced force remain less stressed and strains on bones. Alongside, they can move better and their ligaments and tendons perform well. Now let us see what an ideal foot has:

  • A straight hoof-pastern angle: This angle properly lines up the bones between the coffin bones and pastern bones.
  • Easy break over: This section indicates that your horse’s foot is rounded or squared, but not too long. Thus, your horse will get easier movement in every step. If you see, too much breakage that may lead to health problems.
  • Adequate heel support: In this part the shoe will extend to the hoof fall from the back to the end. In this way it will support the entire leg, especially the back. However, you will get to see the back edge of your horse’s shoe at the centre of its cannon bone.
  • Medial-lateral balance: In the medial-lateral balance, your horses footwear will land evenly just like a smooth horse walks.


From the above concept we got a clear idea about the horses hooves. Also questions like how often should I pick my horses hooves won’t arise. Now and then, it will be easier for you to take care of those hooves.

The newbie will get a simple technique to maintain them. And of course when you are to pick those hooves out there will not be no confusion anymore. But if you are still in a complex weather you are to follow the same duration every time, let me tell you you can figure that out with the season.

As mentioned before, you just need to identify which season it is and then pick the hooves out. Do not forget to follow the distance of time. This is all, hope you got to know enough about the maintenance of hooves.

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