Hoof-IT Hoof Stand Reviews

HOOF-it’s Hoof Stand makes it easy to work on both the top and bottom of the hoof without stopping to swap out parts or switch to another stand.

The PostCradle holds a hoof on the post end with minimal to no cradle interference, and the cradle supports the horse’s hoof when the farrier is working on the surface side of the hoof.

best hoof stand for horses

The PostCradle is built with a durable inner foundation with supportive, thick rubber coating to absorb shock and assist grip.

The base is a lightweight-yet-heavy-duty composite base built for stability and workability. The support wings provide optimal stability, and the hexagon shape ensures that it will not “roll-a-way” if tipped over.

If it doesn’t hurt your pocketbook too much, go with Hoof It.

The sling on the hoofjack was designed to protect the sensitive part of the upper hoof. it absorbs the blows by nailing a shoe and is more forgiving to the horse if they move around on it. it also cradles the hoof and conforms to each shape of each horse. the strap on the hoofjack is also easy and cheap to replace ($8) and you WILL damage it over time with your rasp so being able to replace it for me was key. Changing the tops is simple and can be done in seconds. for transport, i put the post on and then place the cradle over the post so i can keep it all together so the two tops are not a big deal at all.

The cradle on the hoof-it gets in the way of the post (you can’t lower the post down as far because the cradle is in the way and it is in the way of the rasp as one other post reported… what appears to be a neat concept turns out to become a problem.. MUCH more than changing the tops on the hoofjack. the rubber cradle is not forgiving and tends to be less comfortable for the horse. while i’ve not used it for shoeing, a test of the product i am aware of revealed that the hoof tended to bounce in the stand when you tried to nail on a shoe which causes more challenges to use the product (try hitting a hammer on a rubber mat and you get the idea).

I personally know the people who invented the hoofjack and they are great people who care about their customers and the product. Hoof-it is a copycat and i was approached by them to try to get me to sell their product. after reviewing the company and the product and their tactics i decided to stay with the hoofjack.

Alternative: Hoofjack Hoof Stand Standard Base

Tons of ideas online for “homemade hoof stands” if you want something really cheap to just try.  

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