Dressage Saddle Vs. Jumping Saddle | Know The Diffrences

Are you running low to choose between a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle? Turns out, these two saddles offer ample comfort and defined leg position to the riders. But the question is, which one wins in the battle of dressage saddle Vs jumping saddle?

Dressage Saddle Vs Jumping Saddle

Anyways, for a smooth and safe ride, horse riders usually prefer a dressage saddle. Not only that, it maintains the correct position of riders’ legs with its medium deep seat. In contrast, a jumping saddle is designed for the hunter jumpers.

These two saddles vary in some features like- comfortability, accomodation of legs, usage, etc. All in all, many users screw up judging the right saddle for their horse.

The confusion can only be met if we go through the comparisons of these two saddles. Without beating around the bush anymore, let’s have a look at the below concept.

Jumping Saddle and Dressage Saddle Comparison Table

FeaturesDressage SaddleJumping Saddle
Best forMaintaining postureComfortability
Longer seatYesNo
SupportsCommunication and balanceRiding position
FlapsLong and largeRounded
EasesRiders to go uprightLeg position and jumping
Designed forHandling balanceHunter jumpers

Dressage Saddle Vs Jumping Saddle: What Are The Differences?

differences between dressage saddle and jumping saddle

Dressage saddles and jumping saddles are the English saddles according to most people. However, what makes these two saddles different from each other is their depth of seat pocket.

With a jumping saddle, riders get more freedom in their ride. On the other hand, a dressage saddle comes with a curved seat which helps the riders to maintain the right position every time.

Usually, dressage saddles are used for dressage competitors. The reason is, a dressage saddle gives a great hand to accommodate long stirrups. Moreover, its flap and seat is deeper than a jumping saddle.

In the same way, a jumping saddle is designed for tacking all the jumping obstacles. Its stirrups are short and the seat is shallow which is not at all like a dressage saddle.

Now and then, a jumping saddle helps the riders to get a better position with its forward-pointing flaps.

Dressage Saddle

Dressage saddle is none other than an English Saddle. However, we know there are lots of English saddles available, but their unique features make them different from each other.

To know about the dressage saddle more precisely, go through its features below:


Dressage Saddles have been designed in such a way that it handles the communication and balance of riders accordingly. Alongside, there are some stirrups in the dressage saddle that help the riders to go upright.

In particular, the stirrups of a saddle ensures the riders to drape long in the same position. It is quite equivalent to a western equitation riding.

Equipped With

Within the stirrups and a deal seat, dressage saddles provide a thrilling vibe while riding. These stirrups and deal seats are generally hung under the seat.

In every dressage saddle you will get paddled knee rolls. The equipment mainly plays the role to keep riders’ legs in a correct position.


A longer stirrup length usually gets better support from a dressage saddle. Furthermore, the saddle offers a deeper and centralised seat so that anyone can get a fine grip while sitting.

Other than that, a dressage saddle plays a great role to benefit the horses by providing a fine posture.

Jumping Saddle

Till now, jumping saddles have been providing ample security to the horse riders with supportive instruments in it. Anyways, a jump saddle is popular for many reasons. Such as-


A jumping saddle mainly works with the riding position by supporting at the forward. Hence, the riders get enough comfortability while sitting. Moreover, there is a strong hip and knee bend to allow a perfect sitting.


Jumping saddles usually come with short stirrups. By them, riders find it easy to raise themselves while jumping.

Accommodate Riders’ Knees

If you see, the jumping saddle leaves no stone unturned to accommodate a rider’s knees. For this reason, a jumping saddle contains forward-cut flaps and flat seats for conveying a smooth ride.


Nonetheless, the jumping saddle comes with numerous applications. For example- foxhunting, hunt seat equitation, show jumping, and many more. You can also call that saddle “close contact” or “forward seat”.

Used for

Just like its name, a jumping saddle is used for jumping, i.e. show jumping. Furthermore, the jump saddle has a special construction.

It consists of a small, short front tab and a medium-deep seat to maintain a perfect position of sitting.

Head to Head Differences Between a Jumping Saddle and a Dressage Saddle

Differences Between a Jumping Saddle and a Dressage Saddle

Both dressage saddles and jumping saddles are commendable in their own way. Anyways, some of their terms relate to each other and some are quite different from each other. To know what are those differences, give a look below:

Designed for

For a nice communication and balance while riding, a dressage saddle is the best alternative. Whereas, a jumping saddle ensures comfortability of the rider by supporting the riding position.


The seat of a dressage saddle is quite deep with long and large side flaps. Besides, it has a high cantle too, and the whole attire seems rectangular in shape.

Contrastingly, a jumping saddle comes with a flat seat which is shorter than a dressage saddle. Again, their flaps are rounded in order to make the riders sit comfortably.

Maintaining Posture

A dressage saddle usually maintains the general position of a rider. Besides, it keeps the heel, hip, shoulder, and ear in line. As a result, the rider’s ability gets increased by influencing the horse.

On the other hand, a jumping saddle offers enough comfort and safety to the hunter jumpers. Its main features are- rotation with varying degrees and forward flaps. That is how the jumping saddle eases leg position and jumping.


Compared to the jumping saddle, the dressage saddle is quite longer. Its flap is straight-cut and long enough to accommodate longer legs. Simultaneously, dressage riders will not have to jump if they work only on the flaps to get down from a dressage saddle.

Conversely, a jumping saddle is not as long as a dressage saddle. Besides, its seat is less deep and serves great for those horse riders who are fond of jumping from horses.


In terms of safety, the dressage saddle wins the battle. Because of their deeper seat, riders get more security. Besides, its cantle and pommel are depper to have more grip while sitting.

Likewise, the jumping saddle is a famous tool for mobility, but not for security. So those who prefer security over mobility, dressage saddles are for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should we look at before buying a dressage saddle?

Well, there are some specific terms which no consumers should avoid while buying a dressage saddle. They are:

  • Channel width
  • Wither clearance
  • Tree width
  • Tree angle
  • Panel length
  • Panel contact
  • Girth Point Alignment
  • Saddle straightness

2. What is the perfect distance for a dressage saddle to sit?

The perfect position to place a saddle is on the horse’s back, but in the right position. Thus, it will be easier to judge the correct fit and ensure the fine movement of your horse.

Make sure you sit your saddle at a distance of 2 to 3 fingers from the shoulder blade and behind its muscles.

3. Is a jumping saddle good for all purposes?

Whether it’s a jumping saddle or a dressage saddle, none of them are solely used for all purposes. However, the riders who want to be proficient beyond the level that a jumping saddle provides, may not benefit with jump saddles.

A saddle that is suitable for all purposes, usually has its own dressage, jump or trail oriented flap. But these are less straight than a dressage saddle and not in a close contact either.

4. How to know if a jumping saddle is good?

The main task of English saddles is to ensure the comfort and safety of hunter-jumpers. Conversely, a good jumping saddle comes with various features, like- degrees of rotation, forward flaps, and so on.

Because of these features riders usually get a fine position to put their legs. Besides, a jumping saddle conquers a shorter stirrup length which makes the jumping easier.


Hopefully, you got the fine saddle to use on your horse. Nevertheless, the battle of jumping saddle vs dressage saddle couldn’t make us the clear winner till now. But each of them are productive in their own way.

For instance, you are a rider who goes for general rides and seeks a normal posture. In that case, you will need a dressage saddle. On the flipping side, a horse rider who wants comfort and safety in prior jumping saddles is for them.

All being well, we got to see that neither dressage saddle nor jumping saddle are inferior. If you see, both the saddles are superior in their own way. In fact, they both are the most popular saddles used by the riders.

Let us know which one suited your preferences.

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