Best UV Protection Fly Sheet for Horses in 2022: Top 6 Picks

During the summer seasons, horses are at risk of being affected by various elements like bugs and insect bites. Also, animals with sensitive skin are vulnerable to harmful UV rays, especially when they’re exposed to direct sunlight.

Whichever the case, it’s important to protect them from these elements by getting them the best UV protection fly sheet for horses. In general, these sheets are made from lightweight & breathable materials, keeping insects, heat, and UV rays away from your animal.

With that in mind, the next question you should ask yourself is; which is the best fly sheet for your horse? Trust me, considering the variety and options of horse fly sheets in the market, choosing the perfect protector isn’t that easy.

Thankfully, we’ve compared various fly sheets available and compiled a list of the top 6 that will guarantee your horse’s comfort during the warmer season.

Here they are!



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Tuff Rider Comfy UV Protect Fly Sheet

Tuffrider Mesh Combo Neck Fly Sheet

Rambo Sun Protector Fly Sheet

Weatherbeeta WB Airflow Detach Neck

HILASON 75 inch Uv Protect Mesh Fly Sheet

Our Selected Top 6 Best UV Protection Fly Sheet for Horses in 2022

1. TuffRider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet

TuffRider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet

Tuffrider is one of the most popular manufacturers of the best fly sheet for hot, humid weather in the market. One such product is their Comfy mesh fly sheet that is designed to keep your animal from all types of problems.

Specifically, it covers sensitive areas including the torso, protecting your horse from flies in the summer months. Besides, it comes in 14 different sizes ranging from size 48 to size 84, making it ideal for a Shetland or the Shire.

Key Features:

Designed for ultra-comfort

To start, this affordable flysheet is crafted with the aim of providing ease and comfort to your horse. To be precise, it’s made from 130g polyester mesh that is lightweight, super soft, and highly breathable.

In addition, its shoulders feature an extra smooth lining, preventing the sheet from rubbing on your animal. Even better, it blocks up to 50% of the sun’s UV rays to protect your horse from overheating on a hot day.

The sturdy, stainless-steel buckle

To provide a better fit and maximum safety, this fly sheet has stainless double buckle closures on the chest. This, plus the adjustable surcingles ensure that the flysheet stays secure while on your animal’s back.

Moreover, it’s equipped with leg straps that are both removable and adjustable.

Machine washable

Lastly, this flysheet is machine washable using a mild detergent and cold water under a gentle cycle. Afterward, you can hang it to air dry or put it in the dry without heat.

All in all, it’s highly durable as it can withstand wear from your animal’s activities or the sun as time goes on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Standard neck
  • Adjustable low cross surcingles
  • Twin buckle front closures
  • Shoulder lining
  • Extra coverage in the belly area
  • Reflects 50% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Available in horse and pony sizes


  • Doesn’t include a tail flap or neck cover

2. TuffRider Sport Mesh Combo Neck Fly Sheet

Tuffrider Sport Mesh Combo Neck Fly Sheet

Like other fly sheets from Tuffrider, this sports mesh combo is known for its softness, breathability, and durability. Moreover, it’s crafted from strong 190-gram polyester and even features removable and adjustable leg straps.

To add to its comfort, it’s acquitted with a shoulder lining to minimize rubbing and durable closures that are sturdy enough to last several seasons.

Now, let’s look at some of its key features in detail!

Key Features:

Cross Surcingles

A surcingle refers to the strap that encompasses the girth of your horse’s body. This Tuffrider sports mesh combo features a nicely-designed low cross surcingle that is super-durable and easy to adjust.

For that reason, it fits snugly around your horse, making it more resistant to damages that may result from loosely-fitting fly sheets.

Soft & durable construction

As already mentioned, this product is made from exceptionally strong, but soft 190-gram polyester fabric. Moreover, it provides superior breathability and keeps all types of biting bugs, while reflecting the UV rays.

This reduces the number of harmful sun rays that gets into your animal’s body and protects it from biting insects. Also, the flysheet ensures your horse’s comfort since its shoulders are crafted from a smooth silk-like lining.

Still, on construction, the flysheet has 2 stainless steel buckles, making them corrosion resistant.

Large tail flap & neck cover

Unlike the previous flysheet model from Tuffrider, this product includes a tail flap and neck cover. The large tail flap offers additional hindquarter coverage, giving your horse extra protection against biting insects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Machine washable with a mild detergent & cold water
  • Made with 190-gram polyester materials
  • Soft shoulder lining
  • Large tail flap
  • Adjustable & removable leg straps
  • Available in pony & horse sizes
  • 50 percent UV protection


  • Limited size options (size 69 – 84)

3. Rambo UV Protector Fly Sheets

Rambo Protector Fly Sheet, Oatmeal/Navy White & Beige

Horses with sensitive skin are usually prone to Sweet itch and allergies. If that’s the case, you should look for a fly sheet that does not rub your animal’s sensitive skin.

A good example of such a product is this Rambo protector, which is considered the best fly sheet for UV protection. Thanks to its unique design that provides superior protection and coverage.

Moreover, its fabric has an exceptional ability to repel insects such as midges and mites, providing maximum protection to your horse!

Key Features:

65% UV protection

The most interesting feature about this Rambo fly sheet is that it provides up to 65% protection from UV rays. In addition, it protects your animal from insects and flies.

Unique hood-shape design

You’ll also note that this fly sheet features an improved hood shape with V-closure, shoulder & mane lining, and leg arches. Moreover, it comes with a removable neck cover, supersized tail flap, and belly protection.

The V-Front closure removes the pressure to prevent rubbing of the shoulder, allowing your animal to graze comfortably. More notably, the extended chest coverage creates an improved fit to provide maximum protection from biting insects and flies.

Durable fabric

Moving on, the outer shell of this Rambo UV protector is made from a lightweight polypropylene/ polyester blend with nylon lining at the tail flap and shoulders.

This results in a highly durable and patented material that can withstand wear & tear while providing full UV protection. So, rest assured that it will offer great protection to your horse for many years to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 straight surcingles
  • Super-size tail flap
  • Belly protection & a neck cover
  • Shoulder & mane lining
  • Extra-depth to knee
  • Comes in different sizes ranging from 63” to 87”
  • Lightweight polypropylene and polyester outer shell


  • Available in color option only (oatmeal with navy trim)

4. Weatherbeeta WB ComfiTec Airflow Detach Neck

Weatherbeeta WB ComFiTec Airflow DetachNeck

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Airflow is one of the most comfortable horse fly sheets available. It’s even considered the best fly sheet for hot, humid weather since it aids in cooling.

For instance, it has a full tail wrap and an elastic & adjustable belly to provide maximum horse coverage. In addition, it provides exceptional UV coverage of up to 70%, making it a great option for dark horses that are prone to sun bleaching.

Key Features:

Soft & durable polyester mesh

This Weatherbeeta flysheet is crafted from polyester mesh that is both protective and durable. Moreover, the mesh size offers maximum airflow, while protecting your animal from biting insects.

Even better, its shell coating is waterproof, helping you protect your horse from various weather elements.

Full wrap tail flap and adjustable belly band

You’ll also note that this fly sheet has a full wrap tail flap with an extra-large cut. On top of that, the tail flap is darted on the side to allow your animal’s tail to move freely while protecting it from flies.

Still, for protection, the product has an adjustable belly band that covers the horse’s belly fully.

In terms of comfort, the fly sheet has removable elastic web legs that stretch and move with the horse. Moreover, it’s equipped with an Ezi-clip front closure to provide a custom fit and make it easy to open and close.

Detachable neck cover and Traditional shoulder gusset

Another interesting feature about this fly sheet is that it has a detachable neck cover and traditional shoulder gussets. These gussets have a nylon lining to make them secure, and comfortable and provide reinforcement to minimize stretching.

This allows unrestricted movement in the horse’s shoulder area to protect it against rubs.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable & removable leg straps
  • Detachable neck cover
  • Nylon lined traditional shoulder gussets
  • Ezi-clip front closure
  • Horse fly sheet with belly band
  • Full wrap tail flap


  • Limited design and size options

5. Best Fly Sheet for Horses in Hot Weather by HILASON

HILASON 75 in Horse Fly Sheet Uv Protect Mesh Bug Mosquito Summer Spider Print

Although this horse fly sheet from HILASON doesn’t have many attractive features, it gets the job done. This includes giving your horse comprehensive protection from UV rays and flies while allowing it to move freely.

In addition, its pressure points are reinforced to reduce the risk of rips and seam splits around your animal’s legs, where most friction and movement usually take place.

So, if you want a quality horse fly sheet that comes at a reasonable price, this one is such a great option.

Key Features:

High-quality construction

This economical horse fly sheet is crafted from breathable superior nylon/ poly mesh material. As a result, it allows for adequate air circulation to keep your animal cool while protecting it from the nuisance of flies and other biting insects.

Moreover, the mesh fabric used to make this sheet is quite durable, so you can use it for several years.

UV Protection

In addition to being lightweight and breathable, this sheet has inbuilt UV protection to protect your animal from harmful sun rays. Also, this will protect horses with sensitive skin from sun bleaching or sunburn, while preventing them from sweating in the hot summer sun.

2 gussets

Another notable feature exhibited by this product is that it’s equipped with 2 shoulder gussets. This is intended to allow your animal to have freedom of movement while wearing this fly sheet.

In addition, the fly sheet comes with adjustable leg straps to ensure a comfortable fit for different horses.

Neck & Belly wrap

Lastly, this sheet comes equipped with a neck and belly cover. More notably, these covers have ‘quick grip’ closures as well as reinforced stitching along with all the pressure points.

For that reason, this sheet will maintain your horse’s comfort, while extending its durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Breathable & lightweight design
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • Reinforced at pressure points
  • Comes with belly & neck wrap with closures
  • 2 shoulder gussets


  • Available in one size option only (75”)

6. Tough 1 PVC Coated Mesh Tri-Shield Fly Sheet 

Tough 1 PVC Coated Mesh Tri-Shield Fly Sheet

Despite appearing last on the list, this Tough 1 PVC coated fly sheet is highly effective for protecting your animal from flies, dust, and UV rays. It easily protects your horse from various irritants, thanks to its tightly woven cloth.

Besides, the sheet is crafted from tough and highly durable mesh material, making it one of the leading UV protectors for your horse.

Key Features:

PVC Coated mesh

Although this fly sheet for rising has a simple design, it’s crafted with durability in mind. Specifically, it’s made of 1000 denier PVC coated mesh fabric.

More importantly, this fabric is tightly woven, making it less airy and suitable for keeping your horse a little warm. At the same time, it gives your animal adequate protection against sun rays, dust, and flies.

Resistant to various elements

The PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) coating used to make this fly sheet offers several benefits. For instance, it makes the sheet UV-resistant, fire-resistant, and anti-fungal.

Therefore, it’s an excellent option for equestrians looking for the best horse fly sheet that is tough and affordable!

Additional features

In addition to the above features, this fly sheet is equipped with many other great properties. This includes; brass plated hardware, double buckle front, as well as fleece, wither protection.

All in all, it’s both protective and durable, thus helping to keep your horse cooler by protecting it from harmful UV sun rays.

Highlighted Features:

  • PVC Coated mesh fabric
  • Made from 1000 denier material
  • Double buckle front
  • Available in 2 color options
  • Brass plated hardware
  • Tough and highly durable
  • Comes in different sizes ranging from 72” to 81”


  • No neck cover and tail flap

Things to Consider Before Buying Fly Sheets with UV Protection for Horses

best fly sheet for horses in hot weather

When you’re looking for the best UV protection fly sheet for horses, there are several criteria you need to consider before you settle on a certain product.

Otherwise, you may end up with a sheet that doesn’t meet the needs of your animal. Some of those factors are;

Size & Fitting

In essence, horses have the same shape if you consider them as an entire species. However, every equestrian out there knows that there are different sizes and varieties of horses.

With that in mind, it’s important to look for a fly sheet that will fit your animal’s specifications for optimum protection against flies and UV rays.

Thankfully, fly sheets come in different sizes, and most of them are designed for average-sized horses. Therefore, you can easily choose the sheet that will fit well with your animal.

To determine the right fly sheet size for your animal, measure the center of its chest down to where its body and tail meet. This measurement is usually in inches and helps you determine the sheet that will fit your horse perfectly.

In addition, look for a fly sheet that has extra features like buckles or adjustable straps. This will ensure the outstanding fit and security while your animal is wearing it.

Fabric Material

For our list of the top fly sheets, it’s clear that there is a wide range of materials to choose from. In essence, horse UV protectors should be made from lightweight and breathable materials to ensure your horse’s comfort.

However, avoid sheets crafted from thin materials that can easily be penetrated by insects. Instead, find durable sheets made from stiffer material with light mesh to allow swift airflow and keep your animal cool.


The main role of getting a flysheet is to protect your animal; from UV rays and biting insects like flies. For that reason, the good quality horse fly sheet should have the exceptional ability to cover your horse’s skin and protect it against these elements.

In return, the sheet will protect the animal’s lustrous hair and skin from damage caused by harmful UV rays and insects.

Color Option

Studies suggest that flies and other biting insects are more attracted to dark colors. For that, it’s important to look for sheets with light colors to protect your horses from flies.

Besides, light colors will keep your animal cool since they reflect the sun’s heat rays.


1. Does your horse need a fly sheet?

A flysheet can benefit your horse in several ways. For instance, it helps to eliminate various skin irritations like bumps, rashes, and welts caused by biting bugs and flies.

Besides, some bugs like mosquitoes carry diseases that may affect your animal. At the same time, fly sheets reflect the sun’s heat rays protecting animals with sensitive skin from harmful UV rays.

2. What is a scrim sheet used for?

A scrim is an extremely lightweight, open-weave sheet that is usually made from nylon fabric or poly/ cotton. Although scrims are generally considered to be about style, they help to pull moisture from the horse.

Also, they protect tack and horses from flies and dust at shows.

3. How to wash a horse fly sheet?

First, avoid using hot water to wash your horse fly sheet since it can damage the fabric or make it weaker. Instead, use mild detergent and cool water to wash the sheet. If you’re using a washing machine, clean them at low temperature & on a gentle cycle.

And if the sheet is too dirty, soak it in a white vinegar solution for 30 minutes. This will help to remove grime & dirt and keep insects away from the horse’s body.

4. Can you use fly spray with a horse fly sheet?

Yes! The combination of fly sheet and fly spray will ensure that your animal is completely protected against biting insects. Interestingly, some fly sheets even have fly repellents embedded in their fabric.

Final Word

If your horse has sensitive skin and is excessively troubled by flies that are hard to eliminate using fly spray, getting the best fly sheet for UV protection is an excellent solution.

The sheet creates a physical barrier against flies, keeping them off your animal. At the same time, they will protect your horse from UV rays and other harsh elements that are common during the summer season.

All of the horse fly sheets featured in this review are great options since they are lightweight, breathable, and effective UV protectors!

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