Best Saddle Pad for Ranch Work in 2022 | Top 6 Picks

Ranch work is hard, and so it needs the best items for comfort, both for the horse and the user. Mostly, your horses need it so that they work more. So, a top-notch saddle pad will help them with comfort.

Best Saddle Pad for Ranch Work

Depending on the area and conditions, physical work like trial riding is difficult, especially for the horses. Besides, the right equipment is very demanding for riding and other horse work.

If you want your horse to remain cool and relaxed without any difficulty controlling them, then you will need the best saddle pad for ranch work. Since the market has numerous types of saddle pads, it might be confusing to choose just one.

So, we have compiled a list here of the most favorite ones among users that might be within your reach and purpose as well.



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Weaver 30x30 Wool Blend Saddle Pad

Southwestern Equine Correction Saddle Pad

ECP All Purpose Western Pad

Diamond Wool Felt Ranch Pad

Impact Gel Contour Pad

Our Recommended Top 6 Best Saddle Pad for Ranch Work Reviews in 2022

1. Weaver 30×30 Wool Blend Saddle Pad

Weaver Contour 30x30 Wool Blend Saddle Pad

For an affordable and high-grade saddle pad, you can have the Weaver Contour Saddle Pad. It has a very simple and stylish look with the best comfort. The materials include wool felt and leather for durability and resistance to damage.

This design has a western-style and incredible fit for any rider. As the horse sweats, the wool blend build will soak up the moisture, and let the animal cool off.

In addition, the leathers and pad provide a great posture to keep the spine in shape and prevent any pain or discomfort. The size is also suitable for covering the back without the need for other items.

It has the right thickness and strength to last for years even with continuous use in the wild. As a saddle pad, this one excels in performance to provide comfort in horse riding. So, we can name it easily as one of the best saddle pad for ranch work.

Key Features:


The materials include wool felt and top-notch leather for durability. They are hard materials that prevent damage and provide great strength suitable for heavy-duty use.

The wool pad will remove moisture. It also has a padded spine for a great fit.


Due to the comfortable woolen design and pad spine, this item becomes suitable to use for hours outside. Both the user and the horse remain on comfort riding trails.

Besides, the moisture-wicking wool helps the horse to remain dry and cool on warmer days.


This one has a square-like shape with 30 x 30 inches dimensions for the perfect fit that works for any rider. The pad will be set properly on the horse for comfort. And is suitable for any age horse.


  • Durable and cushion able for long wear
  • Resistant to damages and washable
  • Western-style for a great look
  • Easy to remove any debris
  • Comfortable and protects the spine


  • It has a shorter drop not suitable for some horses

2. Ortho Ride Correction Saddle Pad by Southwestern Equine

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad 1 inch

Southwestern Equine Saddle Pad is a solid product with an orthopedic design. The riders can use it for regular trail riding with great comfort. In addition, your horse will also feel relaxed spending hours riding and for heavy-duty tasks.

This was made with the back problems in mind to help the riders stay fit even after riding for hours. It will fit perfectly on the horse such that your horse won’t feel a thing.

Besides, it works great for high-withered horses to avoid discomfort from rubbing. Even if your horses are young, this pad can work perfectly for them without any injury. As it sits on horseback, it will absorb shock and provide protection.

You will find it a great product for racing or roping, and other recreational activities. It is expensive, and is durable and suitable for frequent rides, as it can withstand tough conditions.

Key Features:


This one has a number of orthopedic materials in it including felt, poron, and memory foam. So, we can see how it provides support and can last longer with frequent uses.

It has a narrow wither suitable for different horses to provide strength as well.


Apart from all the comfortable materials, the design is also amazing for long wear. We can use this pad for any purpose without any pain or discomfort.

Besides, the maximum shock-absorbing quality keeps the horses in a relaxed condition.


As mentioned, it provides a perfect fit on the horseback with a 31” x 30” rectangular size. It can suit any horse, even the younger ones without any injuries. The size and fit also help to keep the spine in shape.


  • Perfect fit with a contoured pad
  • Suitable for high-withered and younger horses
  • Absorbs 90% shock
  • Durable and strong for any outdoor conditions
  • Stylish and orthopedic


  • It might have slipping issues with some horses

3. ECP All Purpose Therapeutic Contoured Correction Western Saddle Pad

ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Therapeutic Contoured Correction Support Western Saddle Pad

To get something very soft and plush, consider the ECP Correction Support Saddle Pad. It also has a flannel underneath that is brushed along with four pockets on with sides for storage.

Each one of them has some memory foam shims which are adjustable to choose the right pressure points. Besides, the pad is very hypoallergenic for use in the wild for long hours.

This would keep both the rider and the horse in comfort. It also feels very gentle on the skin as we sit. The memory foam used is contoured properly on both front and rear parts so that we get a perfect fit.

Yet, it allows customization of fitting the pad according to the horse’s age and size, or other conditions. So, it will have a therapeutic effect on the horse if it has any physical condition.

In addition, the materials also regulate temperature and remove moisture in warmer conditions. Overall, this is a great item that is breathable and suitable for various farm activities.

Key Features:


This one has two billet straps for securing the pad and four pockets on both sides. The whole pad has a luxurious feel and is made of memory felt.

So, we can be assured that the saddle pad is very durable and resistant to any damage.


One thing ruling in this one is the comfort level with all the different designing techniques. The memory foam shims provide the perfect fit that maximizes comfort. Besides, the materials regulate temperature and remove moisture.

Any horse with any physical condition can have better comfort that won’t harm its shoulders. Since ECP is hypoallergenic, it keeps our skin in good condition as well.


A 31” x 16” size pad is quite wide for any rider. So, it gets the perfect fit on horseback that removes the need for other items. Due to the moisture-wicking feature, the pad can be used easily for hours without any discomfort with the close fit.


  • Therapeutic and comfortable
  • Regulates temperature for moisture-wicking
  • Four pockets with memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic and great fit
  • Washable and adjustable


  • Shims are not very durable

4. Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

To ensure that you get a tough saddle pad suitable for ranch work, then Diamond Wool Ranch Pad is for you. The materials are very strong and durable, although diamond is only made of wool felt.

This is because felt materials can withstand rough conditions outdoors even after frequent use. We can easily wash it or remove debris.

The developers have kept the toughness in mind for manufacturing this one to allow the users to use it for a long time.

In addition to the materials, the pad has a contoured spine. Both wool felt and this feature ensure that we get more relief from riding and remain in comfort.

Besides, this wool contour is further coated with distressed leather. The pad is very soft and thick to ride on and keeps the horse in comfort as well. So, overall, an excellent quality saddle pad that is found for ranch work in particular, along with riding.

Key Features:


Due to the materials and leather finish, this pad can withstand adversity and remain in good shape. The pad is also thick enough to prevent tearing.

Since, the materials are tough and of high quality, the saddle pad is very durable.


A wool felt design also ensures comfort for both the rider and the horse. It feels very soft on the skin, and the thickness allows comfortable sitting space. Besides, the contoured spine keeps off injuries and helps to prevent body pains.


This one also has a perfect square-like shape with a 30” x 30” size. So, it fits well on horseback to sit comfortably. Besides, this ensures that the horse can remain free from any discomfort from riding for long hours.


  • Durable and strong materials
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Includes contoured spine to relieve pain
  • Great size and shape for a good fit
  • Stylish design with a leather finish


  • It may smell a bit

5. Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad

Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad

Here we have a great brand selling their finest saddle pad. This Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad provides us with maximum comfort with blends of high-quality materials. It consists of different wool blends for the durability and softness needed to sit comfortably for hours.

This design also ensures that the horse doesn’t feel pressure during riding or work. The pad will improve circulation for the horse as well.

Another great thing is that the saddle pad is handcrafted with perfection. We can easily adjust it as needed for covering all over. This will ensure an even distribution of pressure over the horseback.

Besides, the size is great for fitting properly on any saddles. As we can see from impact gel saddle pad reviews by users, this one is undoubtedly an excellent choice from this brand as well.

Key Features:


While the wool blend is said to provide comfort, it also makes the saddle strong and durable. The pad is designed well for support and to adjust if needed. Besides, the materials and gel technology prevent any damage, with a stylish design.


The saddle pad is very soft and has the right thickness to make it lightweight and comfortable for the horse. Since we can adjust it easily, the pressure is evenly distributed for improved circulation and relaxation.


This is quite a wide pad for fitting the horse all over. We can use it on any horseback and comfortably sit for hours without any pain or difficulty for the horse.


  • High-quality gel technology
  • Soft, durable, and thick
  • Adjustable and perfect fit
  • Fits well on any saddle
  • Pressure is evenly spread


  • A bit expensive

6. Felt Rench Pad by Classic Equine

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Felt Pad

Classic Saddle Pad as the name says works to provide the best design to ensure biological fitness. But it also does the same for horses, by providing them support on their shoulder blades. So, the saddle doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on their backs.

The design also gives support to prevent the front of the pad from slipping for any improper adjustment. In addition, it has a great fit to sit perfectly on top so that there won’t be any injury.

Other than these, the pad also has a strategic wedge placement for additional support in the empty area. So, this pad works fantastic for high-withered horses, and also younger ones.

A wool blend forms the pad to protect the horse and absorb more shock and saddle pad fills the void area, supporting extra benefit. It is contoured for comfort for the horse and to help the user relieve spinal pain.

Key Features:


Again, we see that wool felt is used to make these saddle pads stronger for use in the wild for different activities. This one also has the same features to ensure durability and resistance to adverse conditions.


Since the materials work to absorb shock and protect the horse’s shoulder muscles, this becomes very comfortable to use. Besides, this saddle pad is soft and lightweight to help with spine problems.


Apart from the great size, this one also has a strategic wedge for extra support. So, the pad fits perfectly and covers all areas. This also helps to support the spine.


  • Durable, tough, and soft
  • Flexible with extra support
  • Protects and absorbs shock
  • Contoured for more comfort
  • Suitable for high-withered horses


  • It may not work with younger horses

Comparison Table of Saddle Pad for Ranch Work

Weaver Leather Store30” x 30”Wool felt and leatherAll trailing travels for any horse
Southwestern Equine Store31” x 30”Felt, Poron, FoamAll trailing uses for young and high-withered horses
ECP Equine Comfort Products31” x 16” Memory foam All ranch work
Diamond Wool30” x 30” Wool FeltAny heavy-duty ranch work
Impact Gel Store32” x 30”Wool BlendAny trailing work
Classic Equine30” x 30”Wool BlendAll trailing uses for both young and high-withered horses

Saddle Pad for Ranch Work Buying Guide

Saddle Pad for Ranch Work Reviews

Now that you know about some of the finest saddle pads for ranch work keep in mind some other buying factors to decide which one works the best for your uses.


A material for use in the ranches needs to withstand several adverse conditions. So, we must ensure the best materials, such as wool felt or blend for the saddle pad. This will make the pad durable, resistant, and suitable for long-term use without much damage.


Since trail riding or ranch work can take hours, we need to sit on something that feels comfortable and dry. So, no matter the material, it must feel soft and relaxing for the spine.

Besides, it must also absorb shock and remove moisture to keep the horses comfortable.


Even if you settle for a saddle pad that is stylish with a Western outlook, ensure lightweight and adjustable for the horse. This will exert lesser pressure on horseback and also provide support for the rider. Besides, it should also have a good thickness, around ⅞-inches.


The materials should also offer protection to avoid injuries to the horse’s shoulder blades. Besides, it should have a non-slip design and fit perfectly.


Depending on the saddle and horse’s physical status, choose the right size of saddle. It needs to fit perfectly any saddle and also cover all areas to avoid any empty space that may cause discomfort.

People Also Asked

1. What thickness is the best for a saddle pad?

The thickness of a saddle pad is an important factor to ensure both durability and maximum comfort. It can’t be too thick or too thin such that it might become non-functional for the purpose.

So, we can choose a ⅞-inch thick one for the saddle. This is the recommended one by many users for various activities like trail riding, racing, cutting, reining, and so on.

2. Which materials work the best for saddle pads?

Saddle pads must be made of the best quality materials for maximum comfort. So, while we have a range of choices for the materials of this product, mainly cotton and fleece are considered the best types.

People like them more for their saddles to sit comfortably for hours. These materials have greater wicking properties to remove moisture. Besides, they are easier to clean.

3. How do to choose a saddle pad?

Although the choice would depend on your purposes, conditions, and ranges, there are some general ideas about a purchase. The pad needs to be a bit thicker than the saddle at the recommended amount.

It should also have comfortable, orthopedic, and washable materials. In addition, select the most suitable one based on the riding type.

4. Why do we need saddle pads?

Since horseback riding for any activity can be for a long time, we need to ensure the greatest comfort for sitting on the horse. So, other than the saddle, a pad or something similar on top would provide some additional cushioning.

This will help the horse to feel relaxed and cool without moisture building up. Besides, the rider will also relieve any pain or discomfort.

Final Word

Many people doubt that horseback riding for any purpose might be unethical for the animal. But since it is an important job, different gears have been created for the comfort of the horses.

So, here we have listed the best saddle pad for ranch work. They are both beneficial to the riders and the horses. As you get the most suitable one, trail riding will become easier and more enjoyable.

So, ensure that you have the most comfortable, safe, and durable saddle pad for your horse.

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