Best Saddle Pad For Kissing Spine in 2022 – Top 8 Picks

There are many professional horse riders who cannot even think of a day without a horse saddle. The reason is, saddle pads help to decrease some weight of the riders from their back.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter if your weight is too low. If you do not use a horse saddle in your riding, the horse will surely feel an extra pressure.

Best Saddle Pad For Kissing Spine

Considering all these aspects, we cannot let go of the leading saddle for kissing spine. Nonetheless, having a saddle pad is just not enough. You must see if it has all that qualities which a high-quality saddle pad has.

Other than the extended options in the market makes us more confused about which one to choose. If you are facing the same trouble, this article is for you.

In this below concept, you will get to see some top-rated saddle pads with their features. Thus, it will be easier to judge the right product. Alongside, the below buying guide will make your choice more concerning. Let’s give a check now.



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Kavallerie Gel Saddle Pad

Southwestern Equine Saddle Pad

Intrepid International Bareback Pad

Weaver Leather Felt Saddle Pad

ECP Equine Half Saddle Pad

Our Selected Top 8 Saddle Pad for Kissing Spine Reviews in 2022

1. Kavallerie Gel Saddle Pad | Perfect for Jumping Training

Kavallerie Gel Saddle Pad

In order to acquire the best saddle pad for kissing spine, I would recommend the Kavallerie Gel Saddle Pad first. Here, you will get four amazing options of saddle design, e.g. Seat Saver, Front Riser, Rear Riser, and Middle Riser.

The main task of this seat saver is to ensure comfort of the horse’s back and stability of the saddle. Other than that, Kavallerie Saddle Pad offers a shock absorption to provide risk-free jumping.

Reduces pressure

A saddle that does not harm the horse’s health is really demanding. In the same way, it maintains horses’ health by reducing all that uneven pressure which is caused due to saddles.

Thus, you will get a layer of protection too in your every ride.


There are soft and strong materials in this Gel Saddle Pad which prevents it from unwanted moving. Alongside, you will get to see 100+ gel here that leaves no heat to cause damage.

Such as- skin sores, irritations, discomfort, sweating, and so on. Moreover, your horse will be happier while riding.

Easy maintenance

With no harsh materials, this Saddle Pad offers the users easy cleaning and easy maintenance. And yes, its design will leave no stone unturned to align and comfort the horse’s back. Just wash this saddle pad, dry it in a convenient way, and you are good to go.

Riser pad

One nice thing about the Kavallerie Pad is, its riser pad fits perfectly without leaving any complications. Again, there is a creased area which gets well in a simple trimming.

In your entire experience you will ensure that this Gel Pad maintains a perfect sticking as well.


  • Provides comfort and stability
  • Eases jumping with shock absorption
  • Reduces uneven pressure in horse’s back
  • Materials are strong and soft
  • Prevents irritation, discomfort, sweating, skin sores
  • Easy to maintain and wash


  • Cannot adapt in hot climate

2. Southwestern Equine Ortho Ride 1″ Bareback Pad

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad

Southwestern Equine Saddle Pad is none other than the best western saddle pad for kissing spine. The reason is, Southwestern Equine solves all those problems that arise in a saddle fitting.

And within less price this saddle does not compromise with the quality even. Alongside, the pad will let you sit comfortably by maintaining your safety. Well, there are more amazing facts about this saddle pad. Just have a look below.


Horses with high wither cannot adapt with all saddle pads generally. In such types of horses, the saddles rub on withers and thus create disturbance on rides.

For this reason, Equine Saddle Pad comes with some flawless features which allows the high withered horses to have safe rides with its stability.

Great for

Nonetheless, the Southwestern Pad offers some stress-less tasks to the users. Such as- Barrel Racing, Team Roping, and many more. Hence, you can remain sure about the fact that you can do other tasks with it other than horse riding.

Shock absorption

We all agree that the shock and vibration that occurs in a horse ride are really annoying. To cut such barriers in a horse ride, the Southwestern prevails a shock absorption power. Indeed, it absorbs shock up to 90% in times of horse riding.

Nice holding

Doesn’t matter what size your horse has. The Equine Saddle Pad will simply adapt with your horse by ensuring a perfect holding. Another reason for this firm holding is the saddle’s quality.

Since the Southwestern Pad contains strong materials, you won’t find any difficulties in your saddle’s holding.


  • Absorbs 90% of shock
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Takes the pressure off from withers
  • Stays exactly where it needs
  • Suits high withered horses especially
  • Outstanding for barrel racing, team roping, etc


  • Stitching is not up to the mark

3. Comfort Western Bareback Pad by Intrepid International

Intrepid International Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad

For getting extreme comfort from a natural seat, nothing can be better than the Intrepid International Western Pad. Alongside, it prevails a luxurious look with an overlay of tuck.

And for ensuring a comfortable ride, you will get a roll short nap fleece. Since this nap fleece offers extra cushioning, riders will not face any trouble while riding.

Breathable girth

Firstly, you will get a Bareback Pad from this package. And this pad will definitely allow a breathable girth which is non-slip too. Again, some leather reinforced billets are attached with the pad so that air can pass easily.

Stays perfectly

Not only is the girth of Intrepid Pad non-slip, but also its bottom is also non-slip. Thus, you can remain tension free that none of your rides are going to be riskier.

The horse size of approximately 60 to 86 inches is going to be the greatest alternatives for this International Western Pad.

Nevertheless, there are some girth extenders too with the pad which adds more than 14 inches. So, you will not have to worry about adjusting the saddle with your horse size.

High-quality fabric

The Intrepid Saddle Pad is made with synthetic suede fabric which is breathable of course. It has been contoured in such a way that you will not have to struggle even a little while fitting this saddle in your horse’s back.

And because of the high-density foam, this product will provide extra cushioning.

Reasonable price

Those who are on a tight budget to purchase a saddle pad, the International Western Pad can be a relevant choice. Although its price is less, you will not find any lacking of top features here.


  • Offers extreme comfort and nature seat
  • Ensures comfortable ride and luxurious look
  • Features girth non-slip bottom
  • Fabric is convenient and high-quality
  • Gives additional cushioning in different areas
  • Easy to use for super casual trail rider


  • Durability is questionable

4. Weaver Leather 35-2712-1 Wool Blend Felt Saddle Pad

Weaver Leather 35-2712-1 Contoured Wool Blend Felt Saddle Pad

As said before, a good-quality saddle pad lets no friction occur in a horse back when ride for a long time. Similarly, the Leather Pad comes with top-rated features which prevent all sorts of frictions between a saddle and a horse’s back.

Not only that, this Leather Saddle will make sure that your weight does not give any pressure to the horse back directly. Again, the cushioning of Saddle Pad will maintain the comfort ability and stability of riders when they are in a sitting position.

Now let us not beat around the bush anymore, and see some more details about the Weaver Leather.


No doubt, Weaver Leather Saddle Pad comes with a perfect fitting. The reason is, this pad has been contoured in such a way that it won’t leave its grip.

Also, the Weaver Saddle won’t move even an inch when you are riding on your horse.

Moisture-wicking wool

Due to having moisture-wicking wool, the Leather Saddle Pad ensures coolness even in warm weather. The reason is, moisture-wicking wool in a Weaver Pad allows easy passing of air into the saddle.


The pad spine of Weaver Leather includes a top grain wear which plays a great role in durability. Thus, it is inevitable that users can use this Weaver Leather Saddle for a long time.


As the Weaver’s Pad comes with utmost thickness, it will surely give you an improved performance. Besides, its thickness will make sure that the horse’s back does not get any harm.

Because of the thickness of this saddle, your horse’s skin will not get damaged at all.


  • Comes with an increased durability
  • Material is thick and strong
  • Does the job with a nice appearance
  • Ensures the comfortability
  • Fits perfectly with a contoured size
  • Pad is thick enough


  • Not compatible with high withered horses

5. ECP Equine Half Saddle Pad with Adjustable Memory Foam

ECP Equine Comfort Products Correction Half Saddle Pad

ECP Equine Saddle Pad is another new invention for the horse riders who want smooth riding. The great thing about this saddle pad is it wicks away the moisture and absorbs them which tend to be an ideal choice for riding.

Even if your horse is out of shape or requires more build up, ECP Equine will be an ideal choice for every horse. Alongside, this saddle pad maintains the comfortability of the horses too.

Especially the active competitors, riders, and horse enthusiasts will have a nice experience of this saddle pad.


There is a cotton top which is luxurious and diamond-quilted and a brushed cotton downwards the saddle. Hence, getting a comfortable contact while sitting will become easier for you.

Besides, the shock-absorbing padding will provide protection to the riders in every ride.


In the ECP Equine, you will get to see some contoured shims which provide a secure fit in both front and back. Thus, consumers will surely get an exceptional placement and saddle fit.


Since there is a meticulously shaped top line in the Equine Pad, it will optimize the airflow. For this reason, the pad will get enhanced circulation and maximum breathability.

Pressure point relief

The ECP pad has 4 pockets which feature velcro closures, e.g. two front pockets and two back pockets. In each pocket you will get 3 memory foam shims. Thus, you will get easy customisation and independent fittings in your saddle.

Available colors

Well, this ECP cotton correction pad has varieties of 13 colors. If you want you can pick any of them according to your horse or your outfit.

Conversely, this pad’s top line is 22 inches and fits into a saddle which has a measurement of 18.5 inches.


  • Gives comfort to rider and horse
  • Prevents injuries by absorbing shock
  • An inexpensive option for horse ride
  • Fixes rider position instantly
  • Sponges do not break easily
  • Straps are adjustable and customizable


  • The foams offer little support

6. 1 1/8″ Extra Thick Rancher Western Saddle Pad by 5 Star Equine

5 Star - 1 1/8" Extra Thick Rancher Western Saddle Pad

5 Star Equine with a superb saddle pad you can have in the market as it is reliable and effective. Not only that, this saddle pad conforms to coziness by providing sufficient comfort to the riders.

Compared to synthetics, this Western Saddle Pad will give you 3 times more compression. Also, its wool is completely virgin and natural.

So those who are very concerned about the virgin products, must have a look at 5 Star’s pad. Well, this is not all, the Western Saddle Pad offers more authentic features. Have a look below.

100% Pure Virgin

Since this 5 Star Western Saddle Pad is 100% virgin, it will not leave any stone unturned in stabilizing the saddle.

In fact, this 5 Star Pad wicks away the moisture from saddles and stabilises them by a simple cleaning. And the best part is, this pad offers limited clinching to the saddles.


The reason why this 5 Star Western Saddle Pad is effective is because of its durability and protection power. Besides, the padding is not comfortable or hard at all. For this reason, riders will get a comfortable ride from it for sure.


5 Star’s Western Pad has been perfectly contoured so that it can fit into any saddle in a click. Alongside, your horse will not face any trouble and bear the pad easily.


As the Western Pad will reduce all sorts of slippage without requiring any clinching, it will turn reliable throughout. Furthermore, you will not need any extra blanket or padding in order to maintain your comfortability.


  • Felt pad is 100% virgin and natural
  • Saddle is comfortable, durable, and soft
  • Fits riders and horses comfortably
  • Reduces slippage and requires no padding
  • Offers three times more protection
  • Maintains stability and comfortability


  • Pads are not satisfying

7. Kavallerie 3D Air-Mesh Half Pad | Best for Dressage, Training & Riding

Kavallerie 3D Air-Mesh Half Pad/Saddle Pad

If you are looking for a perfect alternative that can be beneficial for training, riding, and jumping, Kavallerie 3D Saddle Pad is a great choice. And because of its non-slip gel design, this pad will not move from place and ensure safety of the riders.

In times of performance, the 3D Pad absorbs shock perfectly and saves the horses from getting any sores. Without causing any overheating, Kavallerie’s pad provides impact protection and stops overheating.

Now let’s see what are the additional features in this 3D Saddle Pad conveys.

Secure and sturdy

There is a gel surface in Kavallerie’s Saddle Pad which allows it to stick to the saddle properly. Moreover, this pad will not move so easily from its place and ensure secure riding every time.

Especially its sturdiness plays the main role to have a secure fitting.

Breathable and comfortable

With the help of PU foam material, holes, and a light 3D Air-Mesh, the Kavallerie 3D Pad allows air to flow and regulate heat simply.

And this is possible only because of the added gel padding. Hence, your horse will not face any discomfort and support your ride throughout.

Lightweight and shock-absorbent

Because of the lightweight gel padding, Kavallerie Saddle Pad promotes comfortable and healthier rides. Additionally, this pad gently distributes the pressure in horses’ backs.

Saddle bridging

By providing an ultimate fitting, the 3D Saddle Pad gives a nice hand in saddle bridging. Absolutely, it doesn’t matter if your horse has any disease, like- chronic muscle atrophy or if your saddle is wide.

This saddle pad will bridge all those differences and will give extra support to your horse.


  • Maintains the animal health and comfort
  • Allows air to flow quickly
  • Perfect for training, riding, jumping
  • Absorbs the impact of shock
  • Promotes comfortable and healthier rides
  • Removes dirt and hair after each use


  • Price is too high

8. Weatherbeeta Prime Jump Shaped Saddle Pad

Weatherbeeta Prime Jump Shaped Saddle Pad

So far, we got to know what a fine Saddle Pad provides. Likewise, the Weatherbeeta Prime Saddle Pad is also offering top-class features to the consumers. You just need to do the fitment properly by following a guide.

Conversely, you will get durability, comfort ability, breathability, moisture-wicking properties; high wither design, and so on.

Now the question is, how does this saddle pad maintain these features? Is there any unique construction? Or a fabrication? To know about it precisely, have a look at the key features below.


Since the this Prime Saddle Pad is made from a girth patch with PVC covered, users will find extra strength from it. Besides, its firm cotton plays a great role in maintaining durability.

And because of the cotton, you will have comfortable rides too.


Due to having a breathable mesh spine, Saddle Pad allows extra airflow and fine breathability. And of course, its PVC covered girth will help the pad to last for a long time.

Moisture wicking

There is an easy and wick lining which helps the horses to remain dry, cool, and comfortable. Not only that, even the riders will feel comfortable while jumping, riding, and so on.

High wither

Because of the high wither in this Prime Saddle Pad, users will not find any difficulties with the space. In fact, they will get additional space due to the high wither design. Thus, your jumping and riding will go in a smooth way on every rides.


  • Allows extra airflow with the mesh spine
  • Provides additional space when required
  • The girth area is enough wide
  • Ensures the comfort ability and coolness of horses
  • Acquires extra strength from PVC-covered girth
  • Prevents bunching of pads


  • Size is not perfect

Saddle Pad for Kissing Spine Buying Guide

Saddle Pad For Kissing Spine Reviews

Before we go to buy something, it is our prior duty to do adequate enquiry about the product. As a result, we can remain tension-free so that no hassle will take place with that product easily.

Same goes for a horse saddle. If you want the best saddle pads for kissing spine, this buying guide can help you to grab it.


While buying a new saddle pad, the first thing you need to see is its measurement. Besides, you need to make sure that the saddle you will be going to buy, suits your horse’s back or low.

You will need to justify the measurement of the saddle by taking the measurement of it from front to back along with the spine. Also, you have to see if all the measurements of your saddle come in contact with your horse.

If possible, add 6 cm with the length and add more 6cm inside the saddle which starts from spine to bottom flap.


If you want to choose a thin saddle paddle, make sure it can wick away the moisture comfortably. Also, you should consider if your saddle can protect you from dirt and fit with your horse properly.

Sometimes it may happen that a saddle does not fit correctly. At that time, a saddle fitter can be very helpful for you.


What type of material you want in your horse saddle depends on the type of riding. Well, a horse saddle pad made with neoprene provides an impressive shock absorption, but its breathability is poor.

Thus, a neoprene saddle pad would be a fine choice for roping, but not for long rides. However, if you want to enjoy your riding, then a western trail saddle or a general english saddle can be a good option.

Synthetic or leather

Nowadays, saddles made with synthetic are very popular and come with various snazzy colors. Be it western saddle or english saddle, you will get available choices of synthetic saddle.

Moreover, they are easy to clean and very lightweight. If you want to go for a saddle that has a traditional material, then leather saddles are a top choice.

Anyways, not all leather saddles are flawless, some of them still come in a poor quality. So ensure the quality first before choosing a leather made saddle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if a saddle is good?

A good saddle is identified from its quality. Other factors, like- thickness, pliability, bendability, etc indicate a good-quality saddle. But if a saddle comes from a thin and flimsy leather, that is not a fine alternative at all.

Besides, the paper or cardboard type of texture in a saddle is another indication that the saddle is not of a good-quality.

How to know if a saddle is comfortable?

A saddle easily ensures comfortability of the rider with its front stirrups. With the help of it, the saddle takes off the pressure of the rider from their ankles and knees.

Similarly, a saddle helps the rider to sit keeping the back upright which helps him to relax.

What do we call the back of a saddle?

The back of a saddle is usually referred to as a cantle. Well, this part of the saddle is raised higher every time in order to ensure the safety of riders. While buying a saddle see if its cantle is up to the mark or not as it is the matter of your security in rides.

Who mostly uses a saddle?

Those are involved with two-reaching tasks, mostly requiring a saddle. These tasks are of- library workers, machinists, assembly workers, hairdressers, musicians, sonographers, laboratory technicians, surgeons, dentists, etc.


All in all, a saddle pad plays a great role in providing convenience in times of horse riding. Alongside, it disperses the rider’s weight from the horse which vanishes the discomfort from both of them.

In that regard, you must go with the best saddle pad for kissing spine. Hopefully, you got to know which product suited you the most. Well, to know the best for you, you will have to match your requirements first.

What type of material do you want, what type of girth do you want, and so on. Other than that, durability, reasonable price, etc should also be in your requirements. So just have a glance of the products’ features and choose your finest saddle pad.

Up Next: Differences between dressage saddle & jumping saddle.

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