5 Best Ration Balancer for Metabolic to Senior Horses [2022]

We know how important the optimal health and performance in a horse is. Keeping that in mind, most horse owners prefer rations Balancer because of its health benefits. I would even suggest you acquire the best ration balancer for horses if you have such.

Best Ration Balancer for Horses

Balancers are a super source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. They add a healthy diet to the horses’ health. Thus, you can be off-circuit about your horse’s health and performance. Regardless, choosing a ration Balancer may seem donkeywork for those who will be purchasing it for the first time.

Besides, the available options in the market make us more confused about which product is going to be the best. Don’t worry in this article I have shortlisted some top rated ration balancers. Each of them have top features with incredible benefits.

Afterwards, a buying guide is there to help you if you can’t figure out your right balancer. Now let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to the topic straight.

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Manna Pro Weight Accelerator5 out of 5Check Price
Purina 3002564-206 Enrich Plus5 out of 5Check Price
Kentucky Performance Prod 4.5 out of 5Check Price
Farnam Colt Growth Supplement 4 out of 5Check Price
Essential K Horse Feed Balancer 4.5 out of 5Check Price

Our Proposed Top 5 Best Ration Balancer for Horses Reviews in 2022

1. Manna Pro Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses

Manna Pro Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses

Among the best ration balancer for metabolic horses, the Manna Pro Weight Accelerator is a superb product. It is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins which are a great source of having a healthy immune system.

And if your horse is suffering from weight loss, this weight accelerator can help it to gain weight with a high amount of calories from here. Moreover, this supplement is high in fat which will be really helpful for maintaining your horse’s body condition.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Because of having omega 3 fatty acid, the Manna Pro Weight Accelerator leaves no stone unturned in promoting a healthy coat and skin condition. Other than that, it reduces triglycerides and the abnormal heart rhythm.

Alongside, your horse will hardly face any cardiac death or heart disease. And because of this omega 3 fatty acid, the blood pressure of your horse will remain well maintained and promote a healthy body.


Since there are probiotic elements in Manna Pro’s Accelerator, your horse will surely get to experience proper digestion. Also, the probiotic absorbs and breaks down the medications and creates vitamins in effective ways.

Hoof Growth

We all know that biotin plays a great role in improving the hood hoof growth. Similarly, the Manna Pro Weight Accelerator contains biotin extracts which makes the hoof of horses stronger. Accordingly, this biotin accelerates the immunity power and makes the metabolism level in a good condition.


One great thing about this product is, it is highly palatable and easy to feed. Thus, the users will not find any difficulty while feeding their horse as Manna Pro’s supplement does not taste bad at all.


  • Promotes a better body condition
  • Helps to gain weight
  • Highly palatable and easy to feed
  • Makes the immune system better
  • Effective for absorbing medications
  • Maintains the blood pressure
  • Helps in hoof growth


  • Not applicable for junior horses

2. Purina 3002564-206 Nutrition Ration Balancer Pellet

Purina Animal Nutrition 3002564-206 Enrich Plus Ration Balance Pellet

For an incredible ration balancer horse feed, I would recommend you the Purina Animal Nutrition Pellet. It is a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. So if your horse is suffering from any nutritional gaps, this product can fill them up in a click.

Those who want to maintain their horses’ body condition; they must go for Purina Animal Nutrition. This is not all.

There are more amazing benefits that this nutrition pellet provides such as effectiveness, reliability, and so on. Without making any father delay, let us have a glance of these features.


As said before, the Purina Animal Nutrition Pellet contains adequate vitamins in it. Thus, it will be invitable to get proper nutrition from it. For instance, it can heal bones, shore up bones, boost the immune system, and so on.

By repairing all the cellular damages, it can easily convert the energy from food.


Just like vitamins, the minerals of Purina Nutrition will allow your horse’s body to remain healthier. Not only that, the minerals of the supplement will keep the brain and heart function properly with stronger muscles and bones. Furthermore, it will help to develop hormones and enzymes as well.


Since there is a good amount of protein in this supplement, it is going to be really good for your horses’ bones. Again the nutrition in it will help to strengthen the muscle and reduce the problems of appetite.


The reason why the Purina Animal Nutrition is a reliable product is because of its recovering abilities. For instance, if a horse is sick for a long time, this supplement can help it to recover and get that energetic and playful vibe again.


  • Fills all the nutritional gaps
  • Maintains horses’ body condition properly
  • Strengthens the muscles and bones
  • Repairs the cellular damages easily
  • Heals wounds in a click
  • Helps to develop hormones and enzymes


  • Price is a bit expensive

3. Kentucky 044097 Powder Supplement for Horses

Kentucky Performance Prod 044097 Elevate Maintenance Powder Supplement for Horses

Another outstanding product you will get available in the market is the Kentucky Performance Prod 0044097. It is a great ration balancer for overweight horses because of its essential nutrients.

All in all, this product is highly absorbable which helps to provide nutrients in the body quickly. So if your horse is suffering sickness or any physical illness then Kentucky performance would be a fine substitute.

One great thing about this product is that it suits almost all horses. Be it a pregnant mare or a male horse, the Kentucky Performance Prod serves well to every livestock.

Necessary Nutrients

Here, you will get elevated maintenance powder which is a great source of vitamin E. So if your horse has a lack of vitamin E then this supplement would be the perfect choice.

Because of it, your horse will get healthy eyes and skin and get an ability to fight illness. Also, the infections in the immune system will vanish by consuming this supplement.


Within an affordable price, the Kentucky Performance Prod will allow you to get all those necessary nutrients. Consequently, your horse can meet the needs of vitamin E in an easy way.


Doesn’t matter what class your horse belongs to. Because the Kentucky hoof supplement has brought incredible features that are going to suit horses of all classes.

Immediate Improvement

Undoubtedly, your horse will get immediate improvement from the supplement as it has a good amount of vitamin E. And we know how beneficial vitamin E is when it comes to having healthy skin and eyes.


  • Contains all essential nutrients
  • Ensures healthy eyes and skin
  • Suitable for Horses of all classes
  • A great source of vitamin E
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Best for sick horses
  • Keeps the body weight in control


  • Does not have all vitamins included

4. Farnam Grow Colt Supplement for Metabolic Horse

Farnam Grow Colt Growth & Development Supplement for Horses

Nowadays, the Farnam Grow Colt Supplement is highly merging in the market for its foal nutrition. For this reason, it tends to be a supportive supplement for meeting all those nutritional demands.

Similarly, the foal growth will remain up to the mark for this Farnam’s Grow Colt. If you want a healthy option for your horse, this supplement can be a win-win challenge for you.

This supplement is a superb alternative for making the bones stronger. Also, it will regulate weight loss and keep the blood pressure at a precise level. This is not all, there is more to know about the Farnam Grow Colt Supplement. Let’s give a check below.


The connective tissue will surely develop because of the essential and adequate nutrients in this supplement. Besides, the growth will be consistent and healthy throughout.

Immune Heath

We know biotin plays a great role in improving immune health. Not only that, your horse will get a fine heart and brain function with proper metabolism levels. Conversely, the muscles and tissues will get repaired as there are sufficient nutrients inside this supplement.


The formulation of Farnam Grow Supplement is amazing with 27 nutrients. Among them the vital nutrients are- amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, you can remain tension-free about the fact that your horse’s foals will grow healthier and stronger.

Healthy Option

As a rule of thumb, amino acids are an effective choice to get a healthy body. These amino acids will provide your horse with regular digestion and a supportive immune system. Again, the supplement will ensure that your horse will get healthy hair, nails, and skin.


  • Makes the foal growth smooth
  • Promotes a supportive immune system
  • Ensures healthy hair, nails, and skin
  • A relevant choice for healthy body
  • Prevails proper metabolism levels
  • Repairs muscles and tissues instantly
  • Maintains regular digestion


  • Container is not of a good quality

5. Essential K Ration Balancer Horse Feed

Essential K Ration Balancer Horse Feed with Fly Control

If you want the best ration balancer for horses, this product can be a cherry on top for you. Unlike any ordinary supplement for horses, the Essential K Rational Balancer comes with unique properties for all of you. It has Diflubenzuron which any other supplement hardly has.

It is none other than insect regulator which will prevent your horse from engaging with stable flies, house flies, horn flies, and so on. So if you think that your horse needs protection from insects and flies, this K Ration Balancer would be a perfect option for you.

Nutrient Concentration

It is a low cost method where you will get low calorie pellets and dense nutrient concentration. Those who think that the critical nutrients may not be available from a supplement, they must give a check to the Essential K Ration Balancer.


Due to having low NSC, this Ration Balancer can work great for the hyperactive horses. Especially those horses who are facing obesity, laminitis, insulin resistance, etc should definitely need this supplement.

Optimal Balance

We know that amino acids are an amazing source of energy which offers regular digestion. Again, it will support the immune system by stimulating healthy hair, skin, and nails. As this amino acid will produce hormones, your horse will hardly face any deterioration in the body.

Gut Heath

Overall, the gut heath of your horse will get improved day by day as this Ration balancer provides improved digestibility. Anyways, the probiotic in this supplement will help to create vitamins and absorb medications.


Since there are sufficient vitamins and minerals in this supplement, your horse is not going to face any problem regarding the digestibility. So if easy digestibility is your first preference, then the Essential K Ration Balancer would be a fine alternative.


  • Keeps flies and insects at bay
  • Provides all the essential and critical nutrients
  • Best for horses with obesity, laminitis, etc.
  • Offers a regular digestion
  • Provides energy to the body
  • Does let the body to deteriorate


  • Shipping is not fast

Comparison Table of Ration Balancer for Horses

Brand nameItem weightIngredientsPurpose
Manna Pro8 poundsAntioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, Omega 3 acidPromotes a better body condition
Purina Waggin’55 poundsVitamins, minerals, proteinStrengthens the muscles and bones
Kentucky2 poundsVitamin EEnsures healthy eyes and skin
Farnam7.5 pounds27 nutrients including amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and mineralsPromotes a supportive immune system
Trebute50 poundsLow NSC, amino acids, probiotic, and DiflubenzuronBest for horses with obesity, laminitis, etc

Things to Consider Before Buying Ration Balancer for Horses

Ration Balancer for Metabolic to Senior Horses

Till now, we have got to know amazing ration Balancers. Now the question is how to identify the best ration balancer for horses. In that regard, a buying guide can help you to affiliate with some important features.

These are the features that make a ration balancer to be a high-quality product overall. The below traits are given to help you as a buying guide. These are going to make you certain what you should go for at your first purchase.

Dietary Needs

In general horses can’t leave without dietary needs. But if a horse is facing some allergic diseases that will be more inevitable to have some extra dietary needs. Before you go to purchase a ration Balancer, keep your horse’s health in mind.

Is it facing any allergic diseases or is it a normal horse. There are available products in the market which are hypoallergenic, whereas some products have organic and vegan friendly options as well.

Ration Balancer Type

All ration Balancer do not work the same. Some special features make these balances different from each other. Suppose, a consumer wants better hoof growth for his horse in that case, he must go for a bression Balancer which mainly supports hoof growth.

On the other hand, a consumer may require healthy skin, hair, and nails of his horse. At that time, nothing can be better than a ration balancer that contains amino acids. In the same way there are more supplements that offer unique characteristics. You just need to keep the requirements of your horse in mind.


It is obvious that all ration balancers do not have the same ingredients. For instance, products may have amino acids, biotin and protein. Contrastingly, another product may have vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Well one of the above products has only vitamin E. It does not mean that the product is inferior on any side. So far vitamins are the main thing that a ration balancer must have. Other than that the features are ready to let you know about the outcomes.


Unless a ration balance sir has been experimented, we can’t say it is top in quality. If you see, the top brands undergo their products by experimenting through a third party. So, you must see and ask the manufacturer if your ration balance sir has been experimented or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ration balancer for horses?

Usually, horses require vitamins and trace minerals that are hard to get from any ordinary balancer. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturers have now launched ration balancers which are now capable of meeting the requirements of vitamins and minerals of horses.

And these balancers are prepared commercially, so you can be assured about the quality.

What ration balancer does?

As a nutrition dense horse feed, ration balancers offer incredible features which come in pelleted form. Alongside, their feeding rate is low but has all sufficient nutrients inside. Such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, and many more. After feeding a ration balancer to your metabolic horse, you can be tension free about its health.

How much balancer should you feed to your horse?

There is no specific amount of feeding the ration Balancer to horses, especially which are a breeding stock. But if you want to provide a forage diet to your horse, then you must provide it a specific amount of ration balancer, i.e. 100 gram supplements for per 100 kg body weight.

Is it really important to feed balancers to horses?

There are many horses that lack nutrients. Adding a ration Balancer in their diet can help in their body growth because it fills all the deficiencies like vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Especially, the well being and health of horses will get developed day by day from the nutrients that are found in a ration Balancer. So yeah, it is really important to feed balancer to horses which are suffering from health issues.

Final Words

So far, we got to know that ration balancers are a rich source of protein. Hope you have found your best ration balancer for horses. While choosing the balancer, make sure it is highly palatable and easy to feed. Therefore, you will find it less difficult in times of feeding your horse.

There are more recommendations to give you. The Manna Pro Weight Accelerator and the Farnam Grow Colt Supplement are the commendable products that you will get in the market.

These two products have a high amount of nutrients which are going to make your horse’s skin, hair, nails and the overall look more appealing.

This is all, hope you get your preferable Balancer and have a nice experience.

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