Best Horseshoes for Flip 2022 | Enjoy Your Leisure or Outdoor Fun

Horseshoes are one of the most important things that you can use for protecting horse hooves from any sorts of damage. Not only that, horseshoe also absorbs the preventing impact when the horses take steps.

Best Horseshoes for Flip

Moreover, it does not let the hooves chip away. In that case, we must try to acquire the best horseshoes for flip. Most of us make mistakes when choosing the right horseshoe. The reason is lack of knowledge regarding the peak features of it.

Another problem is the available products in the market. Don’t worry; this article is going to affiliate you with every possible term that is required for purchasing a fine horseshoe.

Before guiding you with those terms, I am going to show you some first-rated products first. Without making any further delay, let us go through the concept now.



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Franklin American Sports Horseshoes

Champion Sports Horseshoe Set

Triumph Forged & Steel Horseshoe Set

Champion Indoor or Outdoor Horseshoe Set

GoSports Horseshoes Game Set

Our Selected Top 8 Best Horseshoes For Flipping Reviews in 2022

1. Franklin Sports Horseshoes

Franklin Sports Horseshoes - American, Starter

Be it for leisure fun or outdoor fun, Franklin Sports has always been the leading horseshoes for flip. For instance, you went on a backyard, beach, or outing, in that case, Franklin Sports Horseshoes can be your perfect alternative.

Anyways, you can have a perfect time with your friends and family by using these Sports Horseshoes.

Nevertheless, Franklin Sports have a solid construction with forged steel that makes it superior throughout. Besides, it ensures an advanced performance of gaming which boosts up the gaming spirit.


In the Franklin Sports Horseshoes, you will get two silver horseshoes and two blue horseshoes. These alternatives are made of forged steel and are going to last for many years.

Solid Stakes:

Along with the horseshoes, you will get two stakes of 20 inches. These stakes are also made of forged steels.

So, you can be sure that these stakes are going to last for years too. You just need to plant the stakes in the ground and you are good to go for using it.


Undoubtedly, Franklin Sports maintains the consistency of rotation and flight because of its weight. Here, the official weight of each horseshoe is 2.1 pounds which is perfect for maintaining the balance.


Because of a storage case with this product, users will find enough convenience to keep their horseshoes safely. Whenever you will be packing your game in a hurry, this storage bag is going to help you. Alongside, you can store the essentials in the storage bag easily.


  • Increases the gaming spirit
  • Maintains the overall balance
  • Ensures advanced performances
  • Keeps the consistency of rotation and flight
  • Offers enough convenience


  • Stakes are not worth it

2. Champion Sports Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Horseshoe Set for Traditional Outdoor Lawn Game

As the best professional horseshoe set, Champion Sports leaves no stone unturned in providing advanced performances. Besides, it lets the consumers enjoy classic toss games in their backyards.

Thus, you can enjoy a great time with your family and friends in times of BBQ, Tailgate, Camp, and so on. To get perfect results, pair this horseshoe with your Corn Whole or Bocce Ball, etc.


The quality of stakes is completely professional when it comes to the Champion Sports Horseshoe. Alongside, the solid steel makes sure that the quality lasts for a huge period of time.

You can also refer to this product as a regulation weighted Horseshoe set. In this set you will get four pitching shoes made of solid steel. Similarly, you will get here some metal stakes that are made of durable steels.


Unlike the cheap horseshoes, Champion’s Horseshoes come with great quality and advanced craftsmanship. So it is inevitable that the Championship set is going to last longer.

Moreover, your horseshoe pit play and outdoor lawn games will turn out more lively than ever.

Carrying Bag:

Because of the carrying bag with this set, users will find more convenience while using. Likewise, you can take it with you during transportation in your van, truck, or car.

Rule Book:

Those who are new to using a horseshoe set, this rule book is for them. Champion Sports ensures that all consumers can use this product perfectly.

For this reason, their package includes a rule book to guide with some specific instructions. By following these instructions, anyone can make their gameplay easy and simple.


  • Lasts for huge period of time
  • Excellent for pit plays and outdoor games
  • Easy for transportation
  • Helps with a rule book
  • Provides advance performance
  • Comes with a high-quality construction


  • Size of stakes are not well

3. Triumph Forged and Steel Horseshoe

Triumph Forged and Steel Horseshoe Set

Triumph Forged and Steel is none other than the best horseshoe for pitching. Nonetheless, the carrying case with this product will help you to take it anywhere anytime.

Not only that, the carrying case is made of hard plastic which will ensure the rigidity in times of transportation. These are just the covers, there are more outcomes you will get to see from the Triumph’s shoe. Let’s give a check below.


Since the Triumph horseshoes are made of forged steel, you will get enough reliability from it. Besides, it is stronger than other ordinary steels which helps the horseshoe to last longer.

And of course, the structural strength will always remain with this item.

Solid Steel:

Like the horseshoes, Triumph’s stakes are also made of solid steels. In fact, the horseshoes and stakes are powder-coated which guarantees the quality to stay every time.

Set Includes:

In the Triumph Forged and Steel Horseshoe set, you will get four horseshoes at first, then two stakes made of solid steel, and at last a plastic carrying case.


As said before, Triumph’s horseshoe and stakes are completely powder-coated. Thus, you can be tension free that no rust is going to harm your Horseshoe and reduce its quality.


  • Makes pit gamings easier
  • Guarantees the quality
  • Lets no rust to attack
  • Maintains a structural strength
  • Lasts long due to the solid steel
  • Allows to use while transport


  • May get broke in harsh uses

4. Champion Sports Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

If you want the best competition horseshoes, Champion Sports Horseshoe Set would be a commendable choice. The reason is, this shoe set has a rubber design which is convenient enough to use for all age people.

And if you are worrying about the set up, that is completely easy and tears down instantly. Even the kids can use it and find no difficulties at all.


Due to being lightweight, Champion Sports gives no hindrances while throwing. Also, it supports the aim sharper than any ordinary metal horseshoes. Both kids and adults will find it safe for using as there is a soft rubber design in it.


Undoubtedly, the Champion’s Horseshoes will support you in both indoor and outdoor plays. In this set you will get some lightweight rubber playing mats that will allow you to play in both indoors and outdoors suitably.

Bright Colors:

The Champion Horseshoe Set contains some shoes that come with vibrant and bright colors. Therefore, it will play a great role in increasing the essence of gaming.


In this package, you will get four horseshoes, two red plastic dowels, two rubber mats included with centre pages. However, consumers will get everything in this package that they would need for playing the game.


  • Allows safe plays for kids and adults
  • Increases the essence with bring and vibrant colours
  • Offers convenience with soft rubber
  • Includes everything needed for the game
  • Set up is easy and simple


  • The plastics do not stay in place

5. GoSports Horseshoes Regulation Set

GoSports Horseshoes Regulation Game Set

GoSports Horseshoe Regulation Set is another outstanding horseshoe product you will get in the market. Even the kids and adults can play with it to pass their leisure time enthusiastically.

Be it sturdiness or durability, the GoSports Regulation Set always stands first in every term. Besides, you will not have to worry about the breaking since the item is made of premium materials and hard construction.

Now let us not beat around the bush anymore, and get to its key features straight.

Regulation Horse:

GoSports Set have some regulation horseshoes that are durable than any ordinary horseshoes. In this set, you will get four horseshoes, where two of them are red and two of them are blue.

Alongside, you will get here two stakes and a fine carrying case which makes the portability and storage a lot easier.

Increases Fun:

Doesn’t matter where you are, the GoSports Regulation Set increases the level of fun in every place. Thus, your holiday weekend, tailgate, beach day, cookout, etc will go thrillingly.


All in all, the GoSports Horseshoes include some premium materials that will resist the uncertain breakings. Other than that, these horseshoes are completely rust resistant and maintain durability throughout.

Last but not least, no corrosions are going to attack in it as the materials are of premium quality.


  • Ensures long term fun in games
  • Contains premium materials
  • Maintains the sturdiness and durability
  • Resists the uncertain breakings
  • Eases storage and portability
  • Increases the level of fun


  • Cast metal is very fragile

6. St. Pierre Horseshoes Complete Set

St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Complete Set

Within a world class design, St. Pierre Horseshoes Complete Set offers incredible outcomes in gamings. It has been designed in the USA by a World Champion Horseshoe pitcher. However, you will not find any complaints regarding its rigidity and durability.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the St.Pierre Horseshoe will leave no stone unturned in boosting up the gaming level.

Withstanding Power:

Unquestionably, the St.Pierre Complete comes with a great withstanding power even in harsh weather conditions. The reason is, St. Pierre’s stakes are ¾ inch thick and the two steels are 24 inch long, where one is red and another is blue.

NHPA Approved:

We know, an NHPA Approved Horseshoe refers to a high-quality product. Here, you will get more forged weight into the tips (toe calks) which plays a great role in improving the balance and control of horseshoes.

Furthermore, the tapered leading edge remains well-maintained and allows the shoes and stakes easily.

Pro Pitch:

Horseshoer’s Complete Set includes a design of longer tips in order to grab the stake in a click. On the other hand, you will get a ringer breaker too which helps in rotating the shoe. Last but not least, there is a finger positioned that will allow you to hold the shoe like a pro.


  • Withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Maintains the rigidity and durability
  • Boosts up the gaming level
  • Keeps the tapered leading edges well
  • Allows to hold shoes like a pro
  • Balance and control are up to the mark


  • Stakes are very short

7. Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes

Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes

One of the best horseshoes set you will get in the market is, Mustang Professional. This item is completely symmetrical and includes double-sided cleats on the show’s tip. As a result, getting firm throws in every turn will not be a harder task for you.

Nevertheless, the total weight meets the official requirements and the pairs of matches. Now let us have a look at some of the key features of it.


The reason why this Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoe is so strong is because of its alloy steel. And we know alloy steel is stronger than any pure metal.

Thus, getting a versatile structure from it would become a cakewalk for you. Likewise, this alloy steel will help the horseshoe to resist deformation and burring.


Up to two years, the Mustang Pitching Horseshoe will not let it cause any type of breakage. Hence, you will not have to worry about the breakage every time

Smooth Blades:

Since the Mustang’s blades are smooth and wide, users can find it easy to grip and throw. Alongside, most flip pitchers require a rear clear with thumb-centering which you will get in this Mustang Professional Set.


No matter of what age you are, Mustang Horseshoe is suitable for everyone. If one person throws a turn, the other will flip and this is how all age group people can play with it.


  • Perfect for tournament uses
  • Ensures firm throws in every turns
  • Stronger than any pure metal
  • Suitable for all ages people
  • Does not let any breakage to happen
  • Resists deformations and burrings


  • Does not include any rule book

8. Baden Champions Horseshoe Set

Baden Champions Horseshoe Set- Tournament Quality Forged Steel Construction

Baden Champions Horseshoe Set is another incredible product you can get in the market. This product gives a great hand in increasing the fun of recreational play. And of course the Baden’s Set is a superb choice to have for outdoor use.

So if you want you can take it for your outing and picnics. This is not where it ends. Baden Champion has more traits. Let’s see what they are.


In the Baden Champions Set, you will get some essential accessories. Such as- two black forged steel horseshoes, two gray forged steel horseshoes, one carry bag, two 24″ long steel stakes.


No doubt, the Baden Horseshoe Set comes with strong construction since it is made of forged steel. And we know forged steel is stronger than pure metals. Again, the horseshoe with forged steel is much more reliable and cost-effective.

Enhanced Durability:

As said before, Baden’s Set is made of forged steel. So, it is inevitable that this horseshoe is going to last for a long time compared to the cast iron. Furthermore, you will get maximum toughness from this set due its firm construction.

NHPA Approved:

When a Horseshoe product comes after being approved by NHPA, it means its quality is up to the mark. In fact, 2 to 4 players can play the game smoothly as the package contains a good number of horseshoes inside.


  • Ables us to play anywhere
  • Stronger than pure metal horseshoes
  • Increases fun of recreational plays
  • Comes with maximum toughness
  • Quality is up to the mark


  • A bit pricy

Horseshoes for Flipping Comparison Chart

Brand nameWeightMaterialsPurpose
Franklin Sports Horseshoes13.23 PoundsForged steelBoosts up the gaming spirit
Champion Sports Horseshoe Set‎6.06 KilogramsSolid steelProvides advanced performance
Triumph Forged and Steel Horseshoe7.46 KilogramsForget steel and solid steelMakes pit gamings easier
Champion Sports Horseshoe Set1.52 KilogramsHigh density plastic and durable rubberAllows safe plays for kids and adults
GoSports Horseshoes Regulation Set6.49 KilogramsDurable plasticEnsures long term fun in games
St. Pierre Horseshoes Complete Set7.94 KilogramsForged steel and solid steelWithstands harsh weather conditions
Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes2-1/2 poundsForged steel and solid steelPerfect for tournament uses
Baden Champions Horseshoe Set8.17 KilogramsForged steelAbles us to play anywhere

Horseshoes For Flip Buying Guide

Horseshoes for Flip Reviews

A buying guide is the only option that helps us to acquire the best horseshoes for flip. Likewise, this buying will help you to know what things you must look at first while making a purchase on a horseshoe.

Newbie consumers will especially get lots of benefits from it. Let’s give it a check now.

Pressed or Forged

No doubt, forged steel is better than a compressed metal. Besides, it is stronger than pressed steel. If you choose a horseshoe, make sure it has been forged. Thus, you can remain tension-free if your horseshoe is going to last for a long time. So we can say forged steel wins as a better buy.

Regulation Weight & Size

Choosing horseshoes with regulation size and weight can be a bit challenging if you are planning to pitch in tournaments. Well, a lighter horseshoe is a good choice for practice, but it would be a bad option if used for real competitions.

All in all, the complete beginners and playing kids may not find it the better option. Indeed the regulation size and weight would be preferable for them.

Those who are newbies to pitching horseshoes, they shall need to strengthen their wrist first to avoid the risks of injuries. Similarly, the regulation weight weighs 2 pounds and 10 ounces in maximum.


Most horseshoe sets have been sanctioned by the National Horse Pitcher’s Association. The reason is, horseshoe sets that come with NHPA, tend to be of high-quality.

Thus, to make a wiser choice, go with an NHPA sanctioned product.

Thumb Caulk

There are hardly any horseshoes that do not include a thumb caulk. By having a caulk, horseshoes simply control the pitch and this caulk is more instrumental in flips. Try to acquire a horseshoe which has a thumb caulk in its down.

Having a caulk placed in an exact position can help you to eliminate those flips that give negative impacts on accuracy.

Single or Set

Of course, a horseshoe set is our show’s topper. The reason is, it includes all those things that you will need along with a horseshoe. In a good horseshoe set, you will get a rulebook first, two stakes, and four horseshoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the correct regulations for horseshoes?

Horseshoe pit dimensions are often measured in a regulation pit. In that pit, you will have to put a stake that is 40 feet apart from the stake. Make sure to place the stakes in a box in a dimension of 31 inches by 43 inches.

And remember one thing, the dimension should not be more than 36 inches by 72 inches. However, the dimension of a common horseshoe pit for backyard is 36 inches by 48 inches.

2. What does a flipped up shoe mean?

A flipped up shoe is usually used for various purposes, especially to know who goes first. Its heel is located in the prongs’ ends. Well, these ends are found on the shoes’ open ends.

On the other hand, the innings are seen on the shoes’ pitching that each player finds comfortable.

3. Should a horseshoe stake be too high?

In a game, you will require two stakes for a court layout. Nonetheless, you are to fasten the stakes securely 40 feet apart in the ground. Make sure the stakes are made of iron or soft steel.

And its dimension should be protruding 15 minutes at a distance from the ground and the diameter should be one inch. Again, all the leanings should be 3 inches approximately facing towards the other stake.

Final Words

So far, we got to know some amazing horseshoe sets with top-class features. Among them, you will definitely get the best horseshoes for flip. Now the question is, how to identify the right horseshoe.

To know it, you must first decide what type of features you want. Do you want rust-proof properties? Or anti-breakage properties? Well, the features are already mentioned with the products. So it won’t be hard for you to find your preferable set.

Overall, the Champion Sports Horseshoe Set and the Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes are merging in the marketplace. If you want, you can give a look at these two products first.

Finally, let us know about your choice and share the experience.

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