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Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive horseshoe flipper, having the right equipment makes all the difference in your game. There are so many different types of horseshoes available that it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right one for your needs. Don’t worry; we’ve done the research and put together this guide to help you find the best horseshoes for flip.

Types of Horseshoes

When shopping for horseshoes, you’ll have to decide between two main types: steel and plastic. Steel horseshoes are more durable and tend to last longer than plastic ones, but they can also be more expensive. Plastic horseshoes, on the other hand, are less expensive and easier to store, but they may not last as long as steel ones.

 Weight & Balance

The weight and balance of a horseshoe is an important factor when choosing the best set for flip. You want a shoe that is heavy enough to stay balanced when thrown, but light enough that it won’t tire out your arm too quickly. Most sets will come with shoes that weigh between 15-20 ounces each, so if you find a set with heavier shoes they may be too heavy for flip play. Also, make sure to check if the shoes are marked “right” or “left”—this indicates which side of the shoe should face up when thrown.

Grip & Traction

Finally, pay attention to how well the shoes grip and provide traction on different surfaces. If you plan on playing outdoors on grass or dirt, look for shoes with textured bottoms that will provide extra grip when thrown onto those surfaces. For indoor play on hardwood floors or carpeted surfaces, look for smoother bottoms that won’t scuff up your flooring as much.                                    


No matter what type of horseshoe set you choose—steel or plastic—be sure to check how much weight each shoe has before purchasing them as well as if they come marked “right” or “left.” You’ll also want to consider how much traction and grip each shoe has depending on what type of surface you plan on playing on most often—grass/dirt vs hardwood/carpeted floors. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find a set of horseshoes that works best for your flip game! Good luck!

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