Best Girth for Girth Sores in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Girth gall is a type of skin irritation like ringworm that is caused by girth. A girth is a mandatory object for horses to keep the saddle accurate in the place. When the girth is not standard or qualitative, then it is not comfortable for the horse.

Best Girth for Girth Sores

And most often it slips which makes a disturbance in the elbow of the horse. Only girth is not responsible for girth sores. If the horse is too young or suffers from malnutrition, then sores easily affect the horse. Whatever the fact is, there is no chance of denying that girth is mostly responsible for girth sores.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 5 best horse girths for girth sores which are extremely good and can prevent girth gall keeping your horse comfortable. Besides, we’ll add a horse girth size chart with an exclusive buying guide. In the FAQ segment, we simply described the sores in detail.

Stay with us, my dear friends!

NameEditor’s RatingPrice
Weaver Leather Airflex Cinch5 out of 5Check Price
 Felt-Lined Cinch by Weaver Leather5 out of 5Check Price
 Western Fleece Cinch Girth 4.5 out of 5Check Price
Cinch with Roll Snug Buckle 4 out of 5Check Price
 Equine Smx English Girth 4.5 out of 5Check Price

Our Proposed Top 5 Best Girth for Girth Sores Reviews in 2022

1. Weaver Leather Airflex Samrt Cinch with Buckle

Weaver Leather Airflex Cinch with Smart Cinch Buckle

As our first product, we choose this girth for girth sores. There are a few serious facts about choosing this as the first pick. To us, it is a great combination of girth that a user usually expects. So without any further ado, let’s proceed.

Ensures Comfort

For a very valid reason, we can blame the lack of comfort a girth provides as the reason for a horse’s girth sores. Most often, the issue arises with the material of the girth. Obviously, a girth made of leather is much more qualitative compared to other materials.

With the experience of using this girth, most of the users exclaimed that they are happy with the quality and material because it ensures 100% comfort which helps a horse to stay relaxed. Even, it keeps you satisfied too as it is the best girth to stop saddle slipping.

Flexible Cinch

While you face any issue with cinching girth on horses, then this is annoying for both you and the horse. So, here the most preferable cinch will be the one with an easier cinching system.

Using this girth, without facing any disturbance, one can tighten and loosen the girth as the cinch is comfortable, too. Therefore, it let you see the horse with positive energy.

Helps to Prevent Girth Sores

Another significant feature of this girth is it prevents the horse from excessive sweating. When the horse is on a ride, because of its manufacturing feature or you can say air channel, a good balance of airflow apparently remains there. Thus, the chances of sweating, and causing any sores to become minimized.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining hygiene is very important to make the horse stay out of any sores or galls. So pointedly, you will often need to clean the girth. Let me tell you that, you can very easily clean this girth.

Highlighted features and conveniences:

  • The best girth for horse comfort with qualitative leather.
  • Easy to balance the girth with flexible cinching.
  • There have air channels to prevent sweat, and sores and to maintain hygiene.
  • Horses grant this girth happily and show positive results.
  • Less possibility of saddle slipping.
  • Dimension of the cinch is ‎2 x 6 x 27.25 inches (Lx W x H).


We recommend not to use this girth in warm weather for a longer period.

2. Felt-Lined Cinch by Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle

When you prefer leather girth with qualitative material, and also looking for low in the budget than the previous one, then we recommend you this belt. In this girth, you get most of the benefits of the previous one within your desired investment.

Easy to Use

Gracefully, this weaver product will become your favorite one with the easiest provided service. First of all, with the recommended instruction in the product details, adjusting this will be super easy and it’ll not slip. Moreover, you can adjust your saddle snug on the horse skipping over-tightening. As this has enough width, you can balance the tightening according to the comfortability of your horse.

A Comfortable Cinch

In the cinch, the width is 5.25” which is very flexible for the horse, whether it is a small or larger horse. Your horse won’t be upset while this cinch is on its top even if it is sweating. According to our research, most of the users have happily shared their horse’s approach after putting on the girth.

Undoubtedly, this is the best girth for sensitive horses to make them comfortable.

Perfect for Tightening

With this cinch, you’ll not have to tighten regularly. After one time tightening, it’ll not move or slip easily as there has less possibility of slipping even if the horse is sweating extremely. Most importantly, there has a smart cinch to perform the job of tightening accurately.

In a word, this is another level product of weaver with anatomical girths for horses.

Very Well Made

surprisingly, it is built with excessive soft padding that makes the horse comfortable. Because of the manufacturing features, it easily lasts long pleasing your horse. Probably, it will gracefully last 3 to 4 years. So, we can easily say this is one of the best girths for girth sores from every perspective.

Highlighted Features and Conveniences:

  • This is undoubtedly a long-lasting cinch.
  • Doesn’t slip at all even if the horse sweats.
  • Manufacturing has maintained quality very well.
  • Easily adjusts with various types of the saddle; dressage saddle to jumping saddle.
  • Ge fits with smaller to the larger horse with smart cinching.
  • Dimension is 27.5x5x1 inches in (L x W x H).


Well, the leather is not original leather. And, this cinch is only the best girth for round horses. But you can use this on the small or mid-sized horses, too.

3. Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch Girth

Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch Girth

Now we are presenting a girth that is made of wool and lasts more compared to the material. With many more positive features, it has been satisfying customers and horses.

Indeed Qualitative

Here the girth has very soft fleece in the body with pad, and the softness is of another level. Although the girth seems to be uncomfortable in the hot, surprisingly, it provides well services in summer. Yes, your horse will sweat because of the material, but it will keep patience with it.

Great Girth

In all weather, the girth easily keeps your horse warm up with a positive approach. Whether it is extremely hot or winter, be ready to be surprised by how gracefully your horse grants the girth. When you are riding the horse for 3 to 4 hours in the sun, there has a possibility of sores because of the girth. On that matter, you can remain tension-free when you have this one.

No Rubbing and Sores

Whoever has the negative experience of using several types of girth on their mare or stallion, even started to prefer this one. Notably, it avoids girth sores. This girth is so perfect for every horse, especially for the old horse with sensitive skin. Obviously, you have got the point, if it is so comfortable for the older horse, then this is for the younger horse, too.

Highlighted Features with Conveniences:

  • A girth with good price and quality.
  • Good for both hot and cold weather.
  • Prevents girth sores on the horse even after a long ride.
  • Horses with all types of skin can use this.
  • It is very soft and has a soft pad.


Obviously, it will not serve you a long time like leather-type girth. But within the material there has been used, it is too.

4. Weaver Leather Mohair Blend 27 Strand Smart Cinch

Weaver Leather Mohair Blend 27 Strand Smart Cinch

What is your opinion about love at first sight on a girth! Well, this may seem silly to you, but I loved this when I saw it. Let’s skip my opinion. We have already known about weaver product, and here we present another weaver girth.

Easy to Cinch

When you can pick the right size for you, then, believe me, it is so easy to cinch up. Although it seems it will not stretch, it does stretch a little. Moreover, the roll sung is of better quality that helps in tightening accurately. By the way, you’ll have to follow the weaver’s instructions properly for the best result.

Well-Made and Comfortable

Users most often praise its quality and how it makes their horse comfortable. First of all, it will last years after years without fading. Furthermore, it will be comfortable for your horse during the long ride too. Even, it doesn’t slip with saddle snugs.

Helps to Prevent Gall or Sores

Poor quality girths discomfort horses and then the horses get affected with girth sores that are annoying for the horse. However, with this girth, you’ll never see your horse affected with girth gall. Because of the rope-shaped design, enough air ventilation is possible through the girth. Thus, your horse stays risk-free.

Highlighted Features with Conveniences:

  • Well-made, qualitative and comfortable girth.
  • Helps you easily control your horse.
  • Enough air ventilation prevents the risk of sores.
  • Cinching is comparatively easier with instruction.
  • Provides a good tightening and doesn’t slip.


Be careful of the size because the size is often mis-marked. Better you order two inches larger girth to get the appropriate size.

5. Professionals Choice Equine Smx English Girth

Professionals Choice Equine Smx English Girth

Those who are extremely disturbed with saddle slipping on their horse, need to pick our last-mentioned product.


Ostensibly, the girth is very stretchy and along with this, it is very adjustable, too. Hence, this girth stays accurately on the horse with the saddle. Even, the non-slip girth makes it easy for your horse to carry the saddle as well.

Enough Elastic

Do you know why this girth is so non-slip? The reason is that it has elasticity on both sides. And this thing makes the girth super flexible to use.

Easy to Use

To be honest, this girth is a complete package about easy to use. You can easily cinch, stretch, and clean without much effort.

Similarly, it keeps the horse comfortable and prevents it from girth sores. In a word, it is a solution to all problems.


Along with other facilities, it is durable, too. With this, you can run years after years. A number of users have noted its durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • A complete package of the best girth.
  • Easy to use, cinch, stretch, and clean.
  • Doesn’t sleep at all while horse saddle.
  • Has enough elasticity to complete the user’s need.
  • It is durable and easily serves 3 to 4 years.
  • Item dimension is 4x1x56 inches in (L x W x H).


You can face size issues. So better you order 2 sizes larger.

Horse Girth Size Chart

To know the horse girth size chart, first you should know the horse’s girth size measurement as well as saddle measurement. Let’s know the process.

  • Place the saddle on the top of your horse as girth is needed to hold this correctly. If you have more saddles then repeat the same process with each saddle.
  • Now, bring a tape and place it on the center of the underside of the horse or under the billet of the saddle.
  • Then, put the tape behind 4” of the horse’s elbow.
  • You can either multiply the size of the top to underside of the horse by 2, or can use the tape around the horse’s whole body.

Since now you know how to the measurement of the girth, it is time to know the horse girth size chart that is given below.

Horse heightLong girth (English or Jumping)Short girth (dressage)
13H to 14H (small horse)38-4018-20
14H to 15H (small horse)42-4422-24
15H to 16H (medium horse)46-4826
16H to 17H (large horse)50-5228
17H and over54-5630-32

Buying Guidelines For Best Girth

Girth for Girth Sores Reviews
A Girth to secure the saddle onto the horse’s back

Hey dear readers! The necessity of girths for horses to avoid girth sores is very serious while especially on rides. In this article, we delivered the 5 best girths for girth sores. And each of them is so positive. Still my friends! Knowing about the product is not everything, instead, there are many more things to consider. We call this consideration a buying guide. Stay with us to know a few more essential and effective detail.

What Type of Girth Do You Need For Your Horse?

Girths are used mainly to secure the saddle on the top of the horse. That is why the type of saddle is very important to understand what type of girth one needs.

There are many types of girths available nowadays like anatomical, shaped girths, etc. These types of girths are to make the horse comfortable. Especially, anatomical girths are for maintaining 100% comfort of the horse. On the other hand, shaped girths provide comfort along with extra security.

What Material Are Girths Made of?

The material of a girth defines how comfy it will be for the horse. Therefore, the most popular material is leather for a girth. Well, the reason behind this is leather girth is available in colors, and you can match the color of girth with the horse color. Moreover, leather lasts a long time without taking minimal care. Furthermore, leather is soft and luxurious, also available in various shapes.

On the other hand, fabric-type girts are comparatively more affordable than leather ones. Besides, if you choose the qualitative one wisely, it can be more beneficial than a leather girth. Also, these are easy to wash.

Even, synthetic and neoprene-type girths are also available and popular because of their less cost.

What Should be Girth’s Features?

A girth should have so many positive features. The thing you can do for girth is to measure accurately the girth size. And, the most important thing you should do is to choose wisely the features of girths.

First of all, a girth should be friendly with the horse. We mean to say that the girth should be enriched with positivity so that the horse accepts it easily.

Secondly, the girth should have good quality. The quality is largely dependent on the material.

Thirdly, a girth has to be non-slip type. Otherwise, the whole investment goes in vain.

Even, the girth has to be durable too.

Elastic Or Non-Elastic, Which One to Choose?

Horse girths are available in elastic and non-elastic, both of these are good for a  specific purpose. When there has an issue with size measurement, then you can choose the elastic one because it provides pressure evenly on both ends.

For a small girth, the elastic shouldn’t be more than 1 inch, and for a large girth, the proportion shouldn’t be more than 2.5” inches. This is important because elasticity creates pressure on a horse which is not appropriate for a long ride.

On the other hand, comparatively non-elastic girth is much better when you know the accurate size of girth. If you know the actual measurement then you’ll find it more stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What Causes Girth Sores on Horses?

Answer: Girth sores is a skin irritation of horses that is caused by wearing girth. Usually, girth is to secure the saddle on the top of a horse. When the girth slips, is uncomfortable, not qualitative, without air ventilation, and worn for a long time, then horses get affected by girth sores.

#2. What Do Girth Sores Look Like?

Answer: When the sore is on the primary level, its looks like a slight rub or like an area affected with dandruff. Then the color of hair started to get change. Gradually, the hair get start to lose. After that, you’ll see a black or pink head rising like a ringworm. At a serious moment, the pink head gets open.

#3. How Do You Get Rid of Girth Gall?

Answer: Sores are undoubtedly irritating for horses. At the primary stage, you can rub with ice packs that will reduce the irritation of the horse. Always take care of that the sore is disinfected, I mean clean the place with saline or hydrogen peroxide. When the sore is serious, put ointment after cleaning properly. As an ointment solution, you can use either Ichthammol or Desitin. The most important thing is to use a well-branded girth.

Parting Thoughts

My beloved friends! Thanks for staying with us. Who loves a horse, he or she treats it as a friend. Taking care of a friend is a noble matter. Girth sores are an irritating issue for a horse, the horse stays uncomfortable. Probably, taking proper care with a good girth is the prime concern for you now.

Always make sure, the girth provides utmost comfort to your favorite horse. The girth shouldn’t be over-tight, or slippery at all. Instead, it should be made of qualitative material and has enough air ventilation.

Good luck, buddy!

Up Next: Get a good quality saddle pad for kissing spine from our lists.

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