5 Best Gaited Horse Bits in 2022 | Excellent for Controlling

In the world, there are many people who are very much connected with horses and they can easily invest their time in them. Whoever is badly in love with this cute animal, intends to give it utmost comfort. And in return, they seek the animal’s love in the form of obligatory.

Best Gaited Horse Bits

However, making a horse obliged or giving it training is not an easy thing to do. But the task can be easier with two things. One is patience, and, the another is a piece of special equipment named gaited horse bits.

With a bit, you can make your horse comfortable in the training, racing, traveling, and showing. But, finding a perfect, well-built, qualitative, comfortable bit is not easy at all for both beginners and experienced.

For that reason, we bring our article to you about the 5 best gaited horse bits so that you can choose the right one for yourself and your horse. We collected data from authentic sources for you. To be highly benefitted, you’ll have to go through our article. So stay with us, my friends!



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Tough 1 Gaited Shank Bit

Reinsman 252 Offset Dee Snaffle

Weaver Leather Back

Myler HBT Shank

Reinsman Josey Million Dollar Bit

Mouth D-Ring by Professional Equine

Our Suggested Top 5 Best Gaited Horse Bits Reviews in 2022

1. Tough 1 Comfort Gaited Shank Bit

Tough 1 Premium Comfort Gaited Shank Bit

When we think of a gait for our favorite horse, the thing of comfortability remains the first issue for us. So, people’s foremost preferred pick is that gaited horse bit which ensures solid comfort for their horse.

That’s why, Giving much priority to the easement, our first pick is Tough 1 premium gaited bit. And its most admired feature is that it gives the horse so much positivity with utmost comfort.

With its application on the horse, it’ll start providing an Immediate positive result. Very reliably, your horse will feel the connection with this and it will get easy. So definitely, you’ll love the response from your horse.

If your horse has a habit of grinding its teeth, with this bit, there will be no sound while it is grinding. The most satisfying part is, by using this bit, gradually, the bad habit can be gone, too.

Another satisfaction is, that the bit makes your horse create a nice connection with you. Whenever you’ll try to make a contract, its head will be down because the horse is so relaxed with the bit.

As its have so many reining options, you can train your horse the way you want. We have found that most of the users are super happy with the way their horse takes the bit.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can make the horse feel comfortable.
  • Will be able to walk happily with this.
  • There have so many options for reining.
  • Giving training to horses is easier.
  • Make a reliable connection between horse and owner.


It is not a full copper material, most of the material is stainless steel. And few people have demanded that it works well but doesn’t sustain long.

Why Tough 1 Bit Is Best Than Others

As we pick this tough 1 premium bit as our first product except four others, there are valid and solid reasons behind this.

Undoubtedly, this is a classy and quality product that focuses on the demands of the horse and the owner. Nevertheless, it is well-built, and even if you don’t use it for a longer time, there will be no rust. So can come to the decision that it lasts for long period.

Moreover, the amazing part is that is it so good for training with its variety of options. You can train your horse the way you want.

On the other hand, whether you have a small, medium, or large horse that has a big mouth, it will easily get fit.

2. Myler HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Mullen Barrel

Myler HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Mullen Barrel Low Port

An effective and powerful gaited horse bit is a very good choice if your first pick is keeping 100% control of your horse.

While you are on a training session with your horse, a bit can play a significant role. So it is wise enough to choose such a bit that can keep both (you and the horse) happy. Let me make things more clear to you.

You definitely don’t want to be harsh with your horse. Similarly, you want the best from your horse, even if it is pretty broke.  In this situation, you prioritize both.

For the solution, we demand this is the best Myler bit for a gaited horse. Whenever it is on your horse, you’ll get a positive experience, and your horse will be happy, for sure.

Moreover, it allows independent side movement too so that the horse doesn’t feel pressured in the mouth while the neck is reining. Although it is made of sturdy material, it is not heavy on the horse.

Most of the users are very satisfied with this and they say this is really good for training purposes.

Highlighted Features:

  • This is made of polished sweet iron.
  • Allows independent movement to ensure comfort.
  • Horses give a positive response with this bit.
  • Very good choice for the training session.
  • It gives very mild tongue pressure to horses.


This is not long and you’ll have to purchase rein separately.

3. Reinsman Josey Bit with D Ring for Horse

Reinsman Josey Million Dollar Bit for Horse

Maybe it is one of your favorite hobbies to run a race with your horse. While your horse is in competition, you need to give it outstanding treatment with an effective bit. And for this, we bring here reinsman.

First of all, here you get 3 things to make your horse more comfortable. The comfort is ensured with distributed pressure. Let me make this clear to you.

With this bit, the pressure is not on any single part, rather these are distributed in the nose, bars, mouth corners, curb, and poll.

As this is so sensitive about comfort, it is obvious that the horse will be easy with this and give positive vibes. When you indicate the horse to start and stop, it does rapidly because of the easement with the gaited bit.

However, this provides flexibility and lots of controlling ways, too. Whether you choose this for training, race, or a specific show, each time you get the utmost result. Even, the price is so reasonable, too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Material is stainless steel and rope for the nose.
  • Allows lots of options for controlling.
  • Ensures extreme comfort for the horse.
  • Good for competition, show, or race.
  • Perfect for small and large horses.


Users don’t like the noseband because it is not well made and doesn’t go with the complete look much.

4. D-Ring Comfort Snaffle Horse Bit by Professional Equine

Professional Equine Stainless Steel 5" Mouth D-Ring

You know! Like man, there are picky animals, too. If you have a very picky horse that has always disliked the bit you choose for it, try this horse bit because this time it is going to accept your choice, for sure.

It is such a bit that is built well and takes care of the part that if the horse is happy with it or not. Although it is made of stainless steel, the roller in the middle is made of copper.

Few users compare this with Myler bit, because they really get the vibe. Moreover, the bit doesn’t have a traditional joint. Instead, its joint is way more flexible so that your horse feels relief taking the roller inside the mouth.

So definitely, your picky horse is going to respond positively to this.

Along with providing comfort to the horse, it provides longevity to the owner as it is durable. Within 2 years, there has less possibility of getting a break.

Undoubtedly, the gaited bit will satisfy you by satisfying your favorite horse.

Highlighted features:

  • This is a great bit for a picky horse.
  • It is well built with stainless steel and a copper roller.
  • Has a flexible joint to ensure comfort.
  • Allows good control of the horse.
  • Its size is 5” (Horse size).


When the horse grinds the copper roller, it creates a sound that is very boring.

5. Weaver Leather Back in Black Collection

Weaver Leather Back in Black Collection

I must say I have fallen in love with the premium, elegant, aristocratic look. For our favorite horse, why shouldn’t we pick a classic rein! A pretty bit makes our horse look more beautiful. If you prioritize the look more, then this will be the finest product for you.

First of all, the bit has a first-class design with shiny black English bridle leather. On the leather rein, there has a beautiful floral design at the end of both sides, and nickel-brass dots all over the body.

The length of the gaited bit is 17” inches and the edges are smooth enough. Whether you have a Tennessee Walker that has a long head or a Missouri Fox Trotter with no big head or a mustang, the bit will easily cover the horse.

We mean to say, the size is the perfect horse size and it will gorgeously fit standardbred horses with the large head. Undoubtedly, it will make your Arabian horse’s head gorgeous. For your small horse, the size will be too big.

Along with the astonishing look, the quality of the leather is also too good. Moreover, it lasts longer and is easy to clean. So every time you clean, you get the feeling of the new one.

Moreover, it is comfortable for your horse as the leather is so soft. Everyone will be amazed by the look of your horse with the bit. And if it is brown, dark brown, or white, then there is nothing more to say.

Highlighted Features:

  1. This is a gorgeous gaited horse bit.
  2. Material is English bridle leather.
  3. Color is black and has stainless steel dots all over the body.
  4. Length is 17”, fit for the large-sized head.
  5. The leather is soft and durable.


This is not a draft-sized bit. So it will not fit any Clydesdale mare or bigger size horse.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gaited Horse Bits

Gaited Horse Bits Reviews

My beloved readers! Till now we were introducing you to the 5 best gaited horse bits. We hope you can now choose a very effective bit from our list. In our opinion, only knowing about any product is not enough.

For a successful investment, there require a few tips to be followed. And if it is for your favorite horse, then you need to value its comfort most. Only then you should invest in any specific bit.

Here for your convenience, we present to you our buying guidelines with a few important tips. Hope this will make your investment profitable.

Types of Bits

The type of a bit is very essential because most often the type ensures how comfortable the bit will be for the horse. Even, the type also tells how well the horse will follow your command.

There are 3 types of bits, and these are- snaffle, leverage, and gag bits.

Snaffle bits are the traditional bit that has a straight mouth. Most often, its material is stainless steel, or stainless steel with the copper mix, and sweet iron. It is very gentle in the horse’s mouth because its distributes pressure on the horse.

The leverage bit has a curb on the body, and it is very good for controlling. Because in this case, the pressure given by the owner, and the pressure received by the horse are proportional. Mainly, this type of bit is for the horse to make a better connection with you, and if you want your horse to travel with you.

Lastly, gag bits are good for training purposes. On the other hand, these are good for eventing, racing, and show-jumping.


Likewise, the type of, material is also important. To you, the material ensures how long it will last. And to the horse, the material will ensure it is comfortable, classy, or not.

In our article, we preferred most stainless steel with copper roller and leather bits. Our presented products are able to last long and provide comfort. Whether you choose from our list or not, make sure you are choosing a bit with good material.

These materials are within budget too.


In terms of gaited horse bits, the quality will not only be the materials but also how well your horse receives this. It is quite tough because without using any, you can’t simply decide will the product will satisfy you or not. For this reason, you’ll have to seek experts opinion.

There are very well-known, positive reviewed bits, and we have come with fewer. You can rely on our opinion. So choose the bit that goes with your horse and your expectations.


Gaited horse bits are such products that we don’t feel like buying after few months. At least we all expect it too last 2 years within our budget. There are few exaggerated advertised bits that don’t last long at all. But, in the case of horse bits, durability is equally important as comfort. So choose wisely that bit which will last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do gaited horses need special bits?

Usually, the gaited horse is a type of horse that can move muscles differently. In a word, they can move their foot independently. That’s why gaited horses are smooth.

For this type of horse, special bits are really required because a bit with specialty, will allow it a great range of motion in its back, neck, and shoulder. A perfect bit let the gaited horse maintain its natural behavior.

2. What is the softest bit to use on a horse?

Usually, traditional type snaffle bits are considered the softest bit as most of the time it is made of rubber. This type of bit makes the horse most comfortable. Because it gets fits with the horse easily without disturbing it a little. Thus you get positive behavior from your horse.

3. What horse bit is the most gentle?

Although snaffle bit is considered the traditional type of bit, it is called the most gentle bit. In this bit, there have either a jointed mouthpiece or a straight mouthpiece that can create direct and comfortable pressure on the horse. Most often, it is seen that the horse behaves gently with this type of bit.

4. Can you jump a gaited horse?

A gaited horse is better for flatwork, trail riding, and traveling. These are not much appropriate for the jump. But that doesn’t mean they can’t jump. For that purpose, the horse requires longer training sessions and patience. Many gaited horses even compete in show jumping.

Final Word

My dear friends! Here we finish our article about the 5 best gaited horses bits. Our selected bits are performing very well for a longer time. We prioritize people’s opinions towards these. Only then, do we have to gather those for you so that you get the extreme benefit from us.

To make our article reliable, we put in our highest effort. That is why we provided a few expert tips and a very useful buying guideline to make things easier and clear for you. However, we believe that our effort is the best and if you choose us, you will profit.

Thanks my friends for staying with us. Wish you all the very best.

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