5 Best Bit For A Horse That Won’t Stop | An Expert Review

Horse bits help equestrians control their horse’s movement, direction, and pace with ease. At the same time, they play an important role in determining the horse’s temperament as well as your stability and safety level on the saddle.

Best Bits For A Horse That Won’t Stop

So, if your horse is ignoring the command to stop, chances are you’re using the wrong or uncomfortable bit!

Well, you can correct this by buying the best bit for a horse that won’t stop. But, which one?

With so many styles and options of horse bits out there, choosing the perfect one for your horse is not that simple. Besides, the mouth of each horse has a unique shape. Therefore, a comfortable bit for a certain horse may be ineffective and very painful to another.

We don’t want you to make that mistake! In this article, we’ve listed some of the best bits for horses that won’t stop! Check them out and choose the ideal option for your horse’s needs!



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Reinsman Josey Million Dollar Bit

Weaver Leather All Purpose Horse Bit

Weaver Leather Ring Snaffle Bit

Western SS Roller Curb Bit

Equine Signature Shank Bit by Bob Avila

Our Selected Top 5 Best Horse Bit That Won’t Stop Reviews in 2022

1. Reinsman Josey Million Dollar Horse Bit | Best Bit for Neck Reining

Reinsman Josey Million Dollar Bit for Horse

Designed by Martha Josey, this bit gives riders more control over their horse, both during training sessions and on long rides. More notably, it’s really a ‘million-dollar’ bit, seeing that it has helped many riders win a lot of money.

Besides, it will give you enough control to ensure that your animal responds to your command almost instantly. The best part? This bit is designed to last for years, without causing any harm to your horse!

Key Features:

Rope Noseband

At first glance, this bit features a rope noseband for balancing the horse. At the same time, it ensures uniform distribution of pressure on the animal’s nose, cub, bars, poll, and mouth corners.

5” shank

Still, on uniform distribution of pressure, this bit comes with a 5” shank. Moreover, it’s well-balanced, making it a great training tool for helping horses achieve flexion. As a result, your horse will respond instantly, even with the slightest movements on your side.

3-piece twisted mouthpiece

Lastly, this horse bit is equipped with a distinct 3-piece mouthpiece crafted from stainless steel. On top of that, the mouthpiece features a dog bone snaffle design. All in all, the piece slips into the mouth of your animal comfortably, allowing you to move the rope around with ease.


  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for horses than need more controls in turns
  • Applies uniform pressure on mouth corners, poll, nose, bars & curb
  • Expert neck reining ensures quick communication with the animal

2. Weaver Leather All Purpose Ring Snaffle Bit

Weaver Leather All Purpose Ring Snaffle Bit

Snaffle bits are the simplest, yet the most popular bits in the market. And this one from the Weaver Leather store is the best ring snaffle bit for a horse that won’t stop.

In essence, snaffle bits involve a direct pull or action. This gives you direct contact with the horse’s mouth just by holding the reins. As a result, the horse will do everything as guided by your hands.

That said, here are some unique features that make this Weaver leather snaffle bit stand out from the rest!

Key Features:

2.5” O-ring design

To start, this horse bit features two 2.5’ rings that loosely pass through the mouthpiece. Nonetheless, it gives riders direct control of the animal’s mouth corners.

For that reason, it’s an excellent option for older horses, training exercises as well as beginner riders. More importantly, it helps keep the horse responsive, while keeping its mouth soft.

5” mouthpiece

The strength of a snaffle bit usually depends on the kind of mouthpiece selected. In this case, the bit is fitted with 5” smooth mouthpieces that move freely from the 2.5” rings. Consequently, your animal will feel any motion caused by a slight rein cue.

Build quality

Regarding the construction, this tool is crafted from nickel-plated & malleable iron. For that, it’s quite durable and does not rust easily.


  • Rust-resistant & durable construction
  • Suitable for older horses and beginner riders
  • Works on the mouth corners, tongue, and bars
  • Gives riders direct control over the horse

3. Weaver Leather Ring Snaffle Bit

Weaver Leather Ring Snaffle Bit

Also manufactured by Weaver Leather, this is another great ring snaffle bit for controlling your horse. Thanks to its ability to ensure that you’re always in control of your animal.

Besides, it ensures that the horse responds almost immediately, even when you make subtle motions. As a result, you don’t need to use a lot of force which can inflict pain on your animal.

Key Features:

Black steel finish

Although this horse bit has a traditional design, it will never go out of style. Thanks to the black exterior finish, giving a classic and modern look. So, expect to use it on your animal for several years to come.

5” sweet iron dog bone mouthpiece

Moving on, the center of this snaffle bit is equipped with a 5” dog-bone mouthpiece. More notably, this part holds up well to the horse’s mouth. Not to forget that it is covered with a copper inlay, but it’s crafted from sweet iron material.

3” O-ring design

Finally, this tool comes with two 3” O-rings on both sides of the mouthpiece. That way, once you slide the mouthpiece into your animal’s mouth, this design will give you even more control.

Bottom line, if you want a classic bit for controlling a heavy horse that is disobeying your commands, this tool is such a great choice.


  • Gives you more control over your animal
  • Stylish black finish exterior
  • Holds up well to the horse’s mouth

4. Metalab Western SS Med Port Roller Curb Bit

Western SS Med Port Roller Curb Bit

If you want to take or train your horse for a long ride, this Metalab bit will give you all the control; you need. Better still, it will help you turn the horse in the horse with ease, while doing other things on its back.

One thing you need to note though is that this tool is only suited for experienced horses. So, make sure you only use it on animals that don’t require a lot of direction from you. Other than that, it works well with most horses out there.

Now, let’s look at some of its notable features!

Key Features:

Copper roller

The mouthpiece of this bit comes with a copper roller for impatient animals to ‘play with’. At the same time, the rolling part helps the horse’s cheeks and jaw relax. Better still, it promotes salivation, making it easy to slide into the horse’s mouth.

Unique design

Compared to the horse bits we’ve reviewed so far, you’ll note that the design of this tool is a bit different. And not just with the addition of copper rollers! Instead, its design includes other features like a chrome-plated, 5” medium port mouthpiece. Nonetheless, it fits comfortably into the animal’s mouth without causing discomfort or pain.

6.5” cheeks

In addition to the above features, this tool has 6.5” checks on both sides of the bit. More importantly, the cheeks follow the natural curves of the animal’s head.


  • Fits perfectly in most horses
  • Includes a copper roller
  • Chrome-plated design

5. Equine Signature Shank Correction Bit by The Bob Avila Collection

Equine Signature Shank Correction Bit

As the name ‘correction’ bit implies, this tool is specifically designed to deal with animals that do not obey rein aids. So, if you’re looking for a perfect bit to train your horse to stop, it’s a great choice.

As a drawback, this bit can be very severe in the hands of inexperienced riders. Surprisingly, an experienced trainer can effectively use it to discipline or correct a certain behavior in horses within a short period.

That said, here are some of this tool’s incredible properties!

Key Features:

4 moving parts

For starters, this horse bit is made up of 4 moving parts. This ensures that the horse responds even to the slightest rein pressure. Moreover, this makes them loose instead of fixed or rigid.

2” high port

Another distinctive property of this correction bit is that it has a 2” port with joints on both sides. This port is referred to as a correction mouthpiece. That aside, this port provides more control for animals that pull on the bit. For that reason, it is considered the best bit for tough horses that won’t stop.

In addition, the port is fitted with a copper inlay. In essence, this promotes salivation, thus providing additional comfort to the horse.

5” mouthpiece

You’ll also note that this bit has thick bars on its mouthpiece. Specifically, it’s a medium leverage shank attached to both sides of the high port. This helps the tool apply pressure on both the horse’s mouth roof and jaw to ensure maximum control.


  • 7.5” cheeks
  • Ornate show-ready design
  • Includes a copper inlay
  • Ensures maximum control over tough horses

Bits For A Horse That Won’t Stop Buying Guide

Bits For A Horse That Won’t Stop

Although there are many types of horse bits in the market, not every tool will suit your horse’s needs. For that, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration before you settle on a specific bit. Some of these factors are;

Horse bit size

First and foremost, it’s important to check the size of the horse bit before you buy any tool. That’s because if the bit is too large, it will not communicate your rein aids effectively. Similarly, if it’s too small, it will cause pain and discomfort to the mouth corners of your animal.

Most bits in the market are available in the following sizes; 5, 5.5 & 6”. However, some bits have 6.5 & 7” sizes, but they are mainly used for draft cross horses. On the same note, pony bits refer to horse bits that are less than 5” long.

To determine the perfect bit size for your horse, measure the space between the bit’s cheekpieces.

Training issue

Different bits are designed to overcome certain challenges in the horse’s learning. Therefore, the specific issue you intend to address will play an important role in determining the perfect tool for your needs.

In this case, the training issue we intended to overcome is for horses that don’t stop well. To accomplish that, you’ll need a more powerful horse bit to train the animal’s stop with light aids.

In that regard, the best bit for a horse that won’t stop should overcome the issue using the gentlest way possible.

Your horse’s mouth

Generally speaking, horses can either be classified as ‘hard-mouthed’ or ‘soft-mouthed’. A good example of ‘soft-mouthed’ animals is green/ young horses since they’ve sensitive mouths. Simply put, such horses are more vulnerable to rein pressure compared to ‘hard-mouth’ horses.

If you’re dealing with soft-mouthed horses, the best option would be to pick gentle bits. But if you’re dealing with animals that have been ridden in harsh bits, they may not respond to light rein aids/ gentle bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use a bit to stop a horse from running

Grasp the left rein about 6” from the horse bit and command your animal to move forward in small circles. As the horse moves briskly forward, slowly pick up the rein, take out the slack and hold steady.

2. What’s the mildest bit for horses?

In general, snaffle bits are gentler on the horse’s mouth compared to other types of bits like gaited bit. One reason for this is that snaffle bits don’t apply pressure to a horse’s poll.

Instead, when you pull the rein, the bit applies pressure on the tongue, lips, and bars of the animal’s mouth. Specifically, eggbut snaffles are the mildest kind of snaffle bits.

3. What’s the difference between a snaffle bit and a Tom Thumb bit?

Many equestrians often mistake Tom Thumb bits with mild snaffle bits. Yet, these are 2 different tools. On one hand, a Tom Thumb bit is equipped with shanks that add a leverage action. For that reason, it moves beyond the normal snaffle motion.

Also, these bits are more uncomfortable and severe than most people realize. On the other hand, a snaffle bit applies direct pressure to the horse’s lips, bars and mouth.

4. How do you know the perfect bit size for your horse?

If you’ve used a bit for your horse before, you can utilize the old one as a size guide. But, if you’re buying a bit for the first time, utilize a bit sizer to determine the perfect bit size. Alternatively, you can place a piece of wood or string on the horse’s mouth and measure both sides.


From our list above, it’s clear that there are many different types of horse bits and mouthpieces. However, by considering the things we’ve included in the buying guide, the selection process shouldn’t be that hard. Besides, our list only includes bits that are specifically designed to help you control and stop your animal with ease.

Therefore, your only job is to check the size and nature of your animal’s mouth. Then pick the best bit for a horse that won’t stop, provided it sits comfortably on the animal’s mouth without pitching it!

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